Friday, 21 April 2017

Mars Warhound No.3715 - Parva Silentium, Legio Audax

Certificate Number: 3715
Titan Name: Parva Silentium
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Omni: Primary build is Dual Turbo-laser Destructors, interchange with Vulcan mega bolter and plasma blast gun
Princeps: Ignatius Pride (deceased), temporarily assigned to Gunner Scarus (field promotion)
Titan Legio: Legio Audax
Battle Maniple Composition: None, maniple destroyed, awaiting redeployment

Owner: Stephen C.
Location: Norfolk, UK

Work in Progress
Rites of sanding!

Some extensive pipping begins.

The assembly continues

Wow. Thanks for sharing that process.

That is one hell of a stride.

A predator's gait.

That is a great colour. Looking forward to more progress.

Thanks for the assembly pics. They are great.

Titan Owners Club


  1. Great striding pose, glad the shin armour fits! Nice armament too, lots of D, but swappable with the bolts

  2. Interesting pose.Very dynamic. It is nice to see a warhound that actually looks like a predator. Hope it does not give you too much trouble with the long term stability though. The knee joints and shins are under a lot of stress so the resin might warp over time, causing the whole thing to tip over sideways, happened to MWH2089.

    1. Should be okay with a base perhaps? I've got bases on mine to stabilise the Titans. WH10 and Reaver10 and WH2974

  3. Yes, I straightened the warped parts on MWH2089 and put it on a base, which helped but it is starting to lean over again. The problem with the model is that the part just beneath the knee, where the pistons are, is to thin, and when the leg takes to much torque, form of center loading, like form having the whole upper body pulling on it sideways, this part twists causing the hips to tilt sideways. This might just be my model that has some internal defect also, but it is sad, that a model with so much posing potential does not have the integral strength to support all those poses. On the other hand, if any of us would try to pose, mid stride, in an awkward position, we would be in sever pain in not to long time also.

    1. Can you pin the joint or is it too much of a job? If so, maybe a piece of terrain underneath with a pole painted black to support the leg, or hips to take some of the force? Or acrylic rod?

    2. Yes, I have though about it, but I have not come up with a reasonable way to do it. If I had know from the beginning I could perhaps have strengthen the resin in the right part so that it would not twist. As it is now I have just turned the upper body as much as I can to get the center of gravity closer to the front foot and lessen the torque on the leg. But as it is still standing I will leave it be until it keels over again.

  4. Love the stride, personally. And I'm really happy to see the process, nice work can't wait to see more!