Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Reaver Titan No.2028- Invictorus, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 2028
Titan Name: Invictorus
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: laser blaster, gatling blaster, apocalyptic missile launcher, power fist
Princeps: Unknown
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: MWH4920

Owner: James
Location: Pennsylvania, USA




The Rite of Construction involved the use of strategically placed pins.

Setting a pose to stride into battle.

Already the engine has a powerful presence, and the magnets will help with transport.

On to the Rite of Colours

Very rich blues and well done golds.

Looking great and the weathering is superb!

A clear cut allegiance, and love the marble work on the white.

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  1. Well, she's registered! Hoping for pics soon!