Friday, 16 June 2017

Titan Legions Army List

Hi all,

So this post is about an interesting little teaser in the pre-order screens for the new Imperial Armour - Index: Astra Militarum.  There is Titan goodness in the book, more than I was expecting, and I was at the Warhammerfest Presentation were Tony C of Forgeworld announced the book.

Here's what we have......

Page 103, Titan Legions Army List......

Wargear and points are also included.

It looks like a page of fluff, a page of army list, a page for each Warhound and Reaver, and finally a double page spread on the Warlord.

With this in mind, I'd like your opinions;

  • What do you think will be in the book?  
  • Will Secutarii and Skitarii be in there?
  • Are you getting the book?

Drop us your thoughts in the comments below...


  1. I was wondering the same thing about Page 106 as well. A double page spread on the Warlord seems like a real possibility.

    I'm very interested to see how void shields have changed, especially since Warhound Titans used to live and die by them. Skitarii will be in Index: Imperium 2 from GW, but it's looking like the Secutarii are probably going to be in Fires of Cyraxus at this point.

    Definitely getting the book. Ordering it in a few hours after my own gaming group has had time to jump onto the order with me.

  2. I have ordered it too! Being able to do a Titan Legion army will be brilliant. Looking forward to seeing a Legio Mortis list with extra vehicles and air support.

  3. Ordered! I hope Peltasts and Secutarii are in there! Maybe a note to say units of Cult Mechanicus can be included in a Titan Legions army, refer to Imperium Index etc.

  4. Ordered mine digitally. Didn't realize I have to wait now till the 26th to actually download it -_-

  5. I saw some of the rules today and all I can say is holy moly.