Friday, 16 June 2017

Titan Legions Army List

Hi all,

So this post is about an interesting little teaser in the pre-order screens for the new Imperial Armour - Index: Astra Militarum.  There is Titan goodness in the book, more than I was expecting, and I was at the Warhammerfest Presentation were Tony C of Forgeworld announced the book.

Here's what we have......

Page 103, Titan Legions Army List......

Wargear and points are also included.

It looks like a page of fluff, a page of army list, a page for each Warhound and Reaver, and finally a double page spread on the Warlord.

With this in mind, I'd like your opinions;

  • What do you think will be in the book?  
  • Will Secutarii and Skitarii be in there?
  • Are you getting the book?

Drop us your thoughts in the comments below...


  1. I was wondering the same thing about Page 106 as well. A double page spread on the Warlord seems like a real possibility.

    I'm very interested to see how void shields have changed, especially since Warhound Titans used to live and die by them. Skitarii will be in Index: Imperium 2 from GW, but it's looking like the Secutarii are probably going to be in Fires of Cyraxus at this point.

    Definitely getting the book. Ordering it in a few hours after my own gaming group has had time to jump onto the order with me.

  2. I have ordered it too! Being able to do a Titan Legion army will be brilliant. Looking forward to seeing a Legio Mortis list with extra vehicles and air support.

  3. Ordered! I hope Peltasts and Secutarii are in there! Maybe a note to say units of Cult Mechanicus can be included in a Titan Legions army, refer to Imperium Index etc.

  4. Ordered mine digitally. Didn't realize I have to wait now till the 26th to actually download it -_-

  5. I saw some of the rules today and all I can say is holy moly.

  6. In the digital version the damage table for the Warhound is 'broken,' missing a line. When I emailed Forgeworld they said it would be fixed in the FAQ but gave me an interim fix.

    "Hi Corey,

    Thanks for the email,
    Our design team are well aware of the damaged table for the warhound titan and are working an a fix for it for the FAQ as we speak, for now the movement should have the multiple of 10 meaning movement 24, 18, 16 rather than movement 24, 8, 6 the wound chart should be 16-29, 30-35.

    Thanks again"