Saturday, 22 July 2017

KS0003 - Banner Moirai, House Kildare

"The third brave Knight Scion is the Indomitable Sir Dono1979.  This is a very well painted trio of Imperial Knights in the colours of House Kildare!  A brave house beset by xenos and beasts" - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Moirai
Seneschal: Willom of Jellone
Knight Seneschal: Atropos
Knight Scion: Castigator 
Knight Scion: Acheron

Knight House: House Kildare

Titan Allies: Allied to Leio CrusiusTemplari
Owner: Dono1979
Location: Canberra, Australia.

Comments: The Noble Knight House of Kildare came to rule Kildrech soon after their colony ship landed on the planet close to ten millennia ago. Continually harassed by Xenos raiders and the ever present danger of hostile native predatory beasts, the Knights quickly became the primary line of defence for the population. However there were other aspects of danger which the Knights could not protect its people from. Kildrech was scattered with a plethora of deadly flora and fauna and while the more bestial animals could be attacked and put down, a lot of the others were of a more subtle nature; poisonous plants, silent reptiles which would drag unsuspecting people under water, small rodents capable of paralyzing larger animals with a bite and dozens of other threats....

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  1. I love the thorns, they look great. They look so stalwart too!