Thursday, 13 July 2017

Update Warhound Titan No.2764 - Canticum Malitiae, 13/07/17

Update 13/07/2017

So I decided Canticum Malitiae will now have a red chassis and a black head. I had sprayed the reds as per my Bone Garland colour scheme. I wanted to seal the transfers in in preparation for the next stage which involves white spirits and floor polish so I painted the red area ard' coat first and then added the transfer. I then did several light thin covers of Lahmian Medium to seal it down, being careful not to flood it as it would add a misty effect which I really did not want.

I then sealed it will testors Dulcote and tried as hard as possible to show the Ard coat brush strokes in the photo above. As you can see it is really hard to spot.

Weapons were all prepared.

I prepared some white and black chevron transfers using white transfer paper. This was a big mistake. In the future I will spray the area white and add clear transfers which are far more forgiving when there is a slight scratch etc.

I then sprayed each panel with Klear then added my oil paint mixture which was then buffed off (see WLT58 Bone Garland for step by step guide on this technique).

I tried out the White Head again but have since decided that the black head unit is better fit to Canticum Malitiae. Also I used strips of white transfer paper to do the white stripes on the rear engine units.

I then Airbrushed Heat damage onto the Turbo Laser barrels.

Here is the vent and top of the Engine. You can hopefully see how effective the oil rub and buff off is with this pic.

Not too much further with the girl now!


  1. Fantastic, I really dig that oil rub effect, pretty awesome effect. Lovely looking Engine, well done on the checks!

  2. Awesome! The oil paint stage must be so daunting, however so worth it for end result.

  3. Wow I think I just worked out how to weather my Reaver and Warlord.

  4. I love the way this girl is turning out, Drake. Keep it up!