Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Update Warhound No. 2764 Canticum Malitiae, 05/09/17

Hi all

Here is my second Warhound finished; Canticum Malitae.

Canticum Malitiae is the Ying to Seething Hunter's Yang. A patient hunter, ready and prepared to stalk her prey to the end of the world. She will shred the voids of their target whilst Seething Hunter belligerently goes for the throat and hounds the victim. 

 Canticum Malitiae and Seething Hunter

 Canticum Malitiae is shield stripper and gut puncher with her armament

The Banner I am incredibly happy with, as mentioned before, join Titan Owners Club and register a Mortis engine and I would be happy to get a banner made up for you.

Thanks for following my progress

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  1. Again Drake, really beautiful work. I love this pair. The checks on her Bolter and the deep red carapace are but two of the many features on these two I really like.

    1. Thanks Dan! The chequers were a bit difficult to get right. I will never use plain white transfer paper again lol.

  2. Just plain awesome ! Love the write up ! Not to mention the twins 😁