Thursday, 12 October 2017

Walk After-Action Report -- Avatar Belli, WLT326

Avatar Belli has seen its first game!  While we don't have many details on it, Paolo wanted to at least show off the massive battle that the might Warlord took part in.  Congrats on the first game with your newly painted engine.


Avatar Belli stands tall and proud, ready for the battle to come.

The Stompa eyes up a pretty big scrap.  Warlord's aren't so weak as to be downed by simple Greenskin technology.

The Warlord's focus is elsewhere, the Ork machine a pesky gnat.

Someone won an award!

Plenty of camaraderie and discussion.

A great "over the shoulder" view.

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  1. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to write down a proper battle report.
    the most memorable event was that Avatar Belli chopped down the Stompa on the first round with only one salvo of the belicosa volcano cannon WHILE wiped out a daemon prince AND 5 terminators (although the terminator player made really bad rolls but... hey 2 damage per wounds each 1 was a dead termy)
    In the following turns Avatar Belli destroyed an Imperial Knight per turn while unleashing the rest of the weaponry against the resto of the enemies. It also did a great job in C/C despite WS 4, I was also able to hurl a rhino against a CSM squad.

    I really enjoyed the game even if our side lost the game very badly at the third turn.
    4000 pts are really worth only if you can targed other high cost models, otherwise the hordes won't let your titan repay the point cost.