Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Behind the Scenes- Shadow Out of Commission?

Surefire ways to be knocked out of a project include falling ill, or life in general getting in the way.  This time though, it's life getting in the way for a good reason.  

My wife and I are closing on a house today and we'll actually be moving over the weekend.  While I have access to the internet at work to conduct my TOC tasks, there's only so much time I can do that at work without causing an issue.  As a result of the move, there may be a slowdown in my content for the next few weeks, with me pre-loading a post for the 12th.  I apologize in advance for any disruption this will cause, and any delays that the TOC members experience.

I'll still be able to receive emails, speak with Drake and Hertford, and plot and plan the articles that I would normally handle.  It may just take some extra time to do these for a bit.

While I should still be receiving my emails and will try to answer them, I cannot promise as swift a response as usual.  If I am not responding and a more immediate solution is needed, please don't hesitate to email Drake at


  1. Congratz. I hope you arranged some "man/hobby" space in your new place.

    1. My wife and I specifically dedicated a room to be our hobby room. We each will decorate a wall to our style, and our models and stuff will be in there. Our most prized models, Titans included of course, will be in display cabinets in the living room.

  2. Yeah, great for you mate. No probs, enjoy your new house!

  3. Can't wait to see how you get everything set up there! You going to have display cabinets?