Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Mars Warhound No.5184- Lupus Regem, Legio Xestobiax

Certificate Number: 5184
Titan Name: Lupus Regem
Pattern: Mars-pattern

Primary Armament: Mega bolter and plasma blastgun
Princeps: Elacian Mori
Titan Legio: Legio Xestobiax [The first one registered on TOC]
Battle Maniple Composition: 

Owner: Troy C.
Location: Connecticut, USA
Comments: legio xestobiax is known for fielding reaver and warlord class titans almost exclusively. In fact only two warhounds have been seen in the livery of the legio. Lupus regem is the oldest of these warhound class titans. Assigned to the iron breaker maniple under Marshall valerian of the warlord occulus imperi, lupus regem has seen countless battles across the segmenting tempests. Since the mark of traitor has been scoured from the legios name, lupus regem has fought amongst the stars, a exile of sorts from her own legio, much like the Marshall himself. 



Very lovely and the white and purple still pop.

Nice effect on the plasma.

Time to fight.


The big red box and certificate of a proud Titan owner.


A very nice stance coming together.

Love the elevated right foot getting ready to take a step.

And a base, too!

Engine up to date as of 18-3-18


A very lovely and smooth start to the armor panels.  A nice rich shade of purple for Xestobiax.

And a great pose for the legs.

Engine up to date as of 26-3-18


A great start to the internals, and stunning work on the Princeps.

Great work on the armor panels thus far.

Engine up to date as of 14-4-18


The engines run hot and ready on this Warhound.

Very regal toe work.

Coming together quite well.

The torso box getting aligned.

A regal Princeps.

Love the work on the cockpit screens.

Lovely, smooth work on the carapace.

A gorgeous looking hound.

Engine up to date as of 14-5-18


The pose is looking very nice.

Love the plasma glow.

Even broken down into parts, the Engine looks great.

The purple really pops the more work that Troy puts into it.


Great looking base.

Very well posed.

Using the oil wash method.

Very well done Warhound.

Engine up to date as of 28-11-18

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  1. As a fan of Titan Engines and the Thousand Sons, this god-engine has inspired me to make my first titan a member of the Iron Vigil. Wonderful work.