Thursday, 10 May 2018

Eldar Revenant Titan 3- Strider, Craftworld Biel-Tan

Certificate Number: ERT3
Titan Name: Strider
Pattern: Revenant
Head Unit: n/a 
Primary Armament: Two Pulsars, Cloudburst Missile Launcher
Princeps: n/a
Titan Legio: Craftworld Biel-Tan
Battle Maniple Composition: Aeldari Revenant

Owner: Irwin F.
California, USA
Comments: This is my first Titan which I bought from another hobbyists in 2016.  I have a very large Biel-Tan army to run Strider along with.



A very lovely pose to this Revenant, showing off the grace of the engine.

A baseball for scale.


  1. Lovely, not many green Titans around and certainly a surge in Xenos Titans here recently! Nice smooth colours, awesome!

    1. I blame Warhammer Community and Forge World for the xenos part. A lot of the xenos owners who recently registered thought they'd get shut down, but they didn't know that we love up on all FW Titans, even the xenos and their lack of certificates. I hope eventually FW adds certificates for them.

      As for it being green, you're right that there aren't too many of those. But green can look good on a big kit if done right. I particularly like how he's done the thorns that are common to Biel-Tan kill markings.