Friday, 11 January 2019

Changing of the Guard- New Staff

In the club's history we've added staff three times.  The first with Shadow, then adding Hertford and DJ.  We're happy to need four people on the blog because it reflects how much we are doing and the "growing pains" we experience.  Sometimes life gets in the way, as we all know.

Unfortunately, today we have to announce that DJ is stepping down from his role as a staff member of Titan Owners Club.  Health and personal matters, none of which are life threatening, have forced him to step back so much that he is unable to assist us any further.  He would have liked to be able to tell you himself, but things with his health and personal matters came to a head so quickly that he asked us if we could handle the announcement.  Health, friends, and family always come before the hobby.  

We are grateful for the help that DJ has provided Drake, Shadow, and Hertford over these past four months.  In our own little "Mournival" he has been our Tarik Torgaddon, our light-hearted joker.  And like Torgaddon, he also got the job done.  We'd like to say one thing to DJ for all of his hard work:

DJ will always be welcome among TOC and if the need ever arises to increase staff once more and he is up for it, we may see his return.  

Today is not all bad news, though.  While losing DJ sucks and it's a blow to TOC, we were able to reach out to another of the strong contenders in our staff search and he's accepted the position vacated by DJ.  Tagg will be our newest staff member on the US side and you'll hear from him soon.  Wish him luck as Shadow and DJ complete his training, for soon you'll have a new Princeps to pester. You'll be able to reach Tagg as the address, giving you the same ease of access to him as you've had with DJ.