Thursday, 7 May 2020

Tyranid Hierodule Bio-Titan No.1 - Hive Fleet Gargaroth

Bio-Titan Classification: Flesh Stripper
Tyranid Genus: Hierodule Bio-Titan
Primary Armament: Gargantuan Scything Talons & Bio-Acid Spray
Hive Fleet: Gargaroth (Behemoth Splinter Fleet)
Broodkin: Insidious(Hierophant); Shrieker(Scythed Hierodule); Flesh Stripper(Scythed Hierodule); Gorger(Barbed Hierodule)

Owner: Goddenzilla
Location: Sheffield, UK
Comments: This Hierodule was the first Titan sized miniature I ever purchased and it’s still a firm favourite.  The only adjustment I made to the model was the replacement of the Scything Talons which were of an older style than the current Tyranid miniature range.  Even though it’s a little older, it’s still a beautiful miniature with a really savage face and pose!

Many more Bio-Constructs, Imperial Knights and Titans can be found at Goddenzilla's hobby blog: check it out!

 Beautifully painted bug

A face only the Hivemind would love! Thanks for sharing Goddenzilla, a mighty fine beast. 

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC Admin

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