Thursday, 28 May 2020

Warlord-Psi Titan No.827 - Polaris-Noctis, Ordo Sinister

Certificate Number:​ 00827
Titan Name:​ Polaris-Noctis
Pattern:​ Mars-pattern Warlord-Sinister class Psi-Titan
Head Unit:​ Terra-pattern Sinister Helm
Primary Armament:​ Sinistramanus Tenebrae, Quake Cannon, carapace Laser Blaster pair.
Princeps:​ Preceptor-Intendant is undisclosed.
Titan Legio:​ Ordo Sinister, Polaris fortress-crypt
Battle Maniple Composition:​ Warlord-Sinister (827); Warlord (904); Reaver (2444); Warbringer Nemesis (119).

Owner:​ Gemie
Location:​ Nottinghamshire, UK.
Comments:​ Custom decal work, all weapons, turrets and head magnetised for exchange and movement. This warlord is my imagining and interpretation of a Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titan, built before Forgeworld’s reveal of the official version. Since building this I've replicated him in Adeptus Titanicus scale. I drew great inspiration from Nate’s OG Warlord-Sinister ​Borealis-Xanthus.

Bespoke builds for psi-cannon and quake cannon. Head is a modified Mars Beta-pattern warlord head unit into my imagining of a psi-titan head. Inspired by Dark Eldar psychic helms.
A custom scenic base is currently being built and will perhaps form part of a future Armies on Parade entry. Watch this space TOC.

28mm and AT scale Warlord Psi-Titans
The right arm features a bespoke Quake Cannon simply because Princeps Gemie wanted to build one despite there being no such official Forgeworld model. This was magnetised into components so it could be broken down and rebuilt into a Belicosa Volcano Cannon. Like so much in this build, the armour paneling (and bracket) is magnetised so it can be attached to either side allowing for mounting on a ‘normal’ Warlord-class Titan.
The custom Sinistramanus Tenebrae 
Superb heraldic shields

Princeps Gemie's thinking behind the bespoke Sinistramanus Tenebrae was that this is Terra’s evolution of the Mechanicum’s dark matter lance technology just like the Photon Thruster and Darkfire Cannon before it. As per the lore this is modelled onto the left arm but still magnetised for transport.
From the very beginning I had a specific imagining of the Ciricrux Anima as I was drawn to the idea of psykers powering the psi-cannon like a psyker battery. These Alpha-level psyker cells are magnetised so they can be removed when desired.  
The occupants are cadavers to represent their life essence being drained. Each still has their null-amp collars around their necks.
Following a Forgeworld official Psi-Titan being released Princeps Gemie decided to build an Arioch Power Claw as a nod to it. Painted red as per the expanded lore. Of course, he had to add my own touch and articulated the five fingers and modified the wrist to allow multiple poses. The wrist was tricky and his original build was redesigned which saw a slight reduction in the articulation. The Mega-Bolter is also magnetised.

Awesome work by Princeps Gemie, a unique and very sinister Warlord indeed!

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, UK/EUR Admin.

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Warlord Titan No. 806 - Gladius Altissimus, Legio Murtus

Certificate Number: 806
Titan Name: Gladius Altissimus
Pattern: Mars-Pattern Warlord Titan
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha Pattern Head
Primary Armament: Right Arm-Belicosa Pattern Volcano Cannon, Left Arm-Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, Carapace-Laser Blasters

Princeps: Liciullo Diorion 
Titan Legio: Legio Murtus
Battle Maniple Composition: N/A

Owner: Brendan R.
Location: Florida, USA

Comments: The Warlord Class Battle Titan Gladius Altissimus was born on the holy soil of Mars in early M37. It was the determination of the Fabricator General that a new Legio shall arise, and thus it was decreed that the Gladius Altissimus would be given the honor of being the First Engine of the Legio Murtus, denoting the engine’s reserved and measured Machine Spirit. 

The Gladius Altissimus soon found itself engaged in its first conflict on the besieged agri-world of Charpin IV along with its sister engine, the Scutum Altissimus. What was supposed to be a mission of relief for the beleaguered defenders soon turned to a pitched battle as the corrupted engines of the Great Enemy landed and engaged. While the Scutum Altissumus succeeded in felling several Chaos Reavers, a shot from an enemy volcano lance pierced its core and destroyed the engine. Consumed with righteous fury, Gladius Altissumus avenged her fallen comrade, destroying not only the enemy engine, but routing the forces of Chaos in a display of Imperial might. 

Sadly, the Princeps’s soul was lost in the engine’s now bellicose Machine Spirit. Since that first battle, the Gladius Altissimus has lead the Legio Murtus in searching out and destroying the corrupted machines of the Great Enemy. While the Machine Spirit of the engine has never regained the serenity it once carried, the contempt it holds for the servants of Chaos is lauded throughout the Legio, though her Princeps must be careful not to lose themselves in the bottomless pit of anger the engine holds.



Really drives home how big that weapon is.

A mighty, braced pose.

A deadly set of weapons.

A little backup never hurt.

Well built and then on to the Rite of Colours.

Taking shape, panel by panel.

A mighty looking engine.  Can'ts wiat to see her in full heraldry.

Monday, 25 May 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 8

Hello Titan Princeps and Fabricators All, welcome back to the ongoing series of posts detailing some of the TOC Members exploits during 'lockdown' and the progress with some of the Titan related hobby goodness... 
Princeps Simon W - Small update this week. Crew finished and I began highlighting the gold trim. Also managed to paint 6 AT Warhounds for Legio Solaria (a small update and he finished SIX Titans! - TOC)

Princeps John H - I’m going to have to bow out of this wonderful tale due to changing circumstances. It’s nothing serious, I’m just unable to paint until I get my shed back. So I have managed to get a small amount done. Not totally finished the Daemon knee pad but it’s coming along, slowly. Need to do the teeth and eyes. To be honest if I sat down and had a good day I could get it done. But... that never happens. Once I get up and running again I’ll finish the Reaver!

Princeps Majoris Siph - And as Princeps John H has to bow out until his shed returns(?), I return with some hobby time after my operations in the "big smoke" and have progressed with the internal elements of the Reaver torso before sealing it all up so I can progress with spraying the exterior.

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - All complete bar the Head and the Carapace... short and sweet. (Another great addition to the Legio Crucius from TOCs own Princeps Majoris Halfpenny, his sixth Titan! - TOC)

Another great round up of Titan goodness, I will aim to wrap up this canter through 'lockdown' hobby times in the next few weeks, as the UK starts to emerge from the darkness back into some semblance of the new normal. Don't worry, many many more Princeps have been working on Titans making the most of the unexpected free time some have had - tackling those 'miniature' projects they had been putting off - judging by the amount of registrations and updates we have received! May we wish you good health and stay safe and as always - may your reactors burn hot and your aim remain true!

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC UK/EUR Admin

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Mars Warhound Titan No.5624 - TBD, Legio Atarus

Certificate Number: 0005624
Titan Name: TBD
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: Mars Pattern
Primary Armament: Inferno Cannon and Mega Bolter


Titan Legio: Legio Atarus
Battle Maniple Composition: Warhound

Owner: Jeff M.
Location: New York, USA


Got a good stance going there.  Keep it up!

Friday, 22 May 2020

Warbringer Nemesis Titan No.205 - Kharon-Hades, Legio Fureans

Certificate Number: 000205
Titan Name: Kharon-Hades
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warbringer Nemesis Titan
Head Unit: Mars-Beta (Warhammer World Exclusive for the Warlord Titan)
Primary Armament: Dual Battle Titan Volcano Cannons; Carapace Mori Quake Cannon
Princeps: #CLASSIFIED#
Titan Legio: Legio Fureans
Battle Maniple Composition: The Disciples of the Inferno - WLT408 "PHLEGETHON"; WBNT205 "KHARON-HADES"; MRT2509 "RUBICANTE"; MRT1970 "ANTENOR"; MRT1906 "CAVALCANTE"; MWH4630 "EPICURUS"; MWH4744 "CERBERUS"; MWH4776 "OVID"; MWH5362 "MALACODA"

Owner: Lyden P. (TOC's own Princeps Tesarius)
Location: Essex, UK
Comments: "LUPERCAL LUPERCAL LUPERCAL!" TOC's own Princeps Tesarius was heard to be chanting...


An awesome amount of firepower, twin Volcano Cannons and a Mori Quake Cannon, this is the long-range sniper of Titans
Beautiful heat stained metals for the weapons
Characteristic of all of Lyden's titans, this Engine wears the flame work stencilled blacks and yellows of Legio Fureans.
The addition of the WHW Exclusive Mars-Beta Head unit suits the Titan frame well.
A pict capture of Warbringer Kharon-Hades at the Titan Owners Club UK Walk last year. A fine addition to the TOC Honour Roll, thanks to Princeps Tesarius for sharing and registering.

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC Admin

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Reaver Titan No.2509 - Rubicante, Legio Fureans

Certificate Number: 002509
Titan Name: Rubicante
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Titan
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Dual wielding Titan Power Claws; Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Princeps: #CLASSIFIED#
Titan Legio: Legio Fureans 
Battle Maniple Composition: The Disciples of the Inferno - WLT408 "PHLEGETHON"; WBNT205 "KHARON-HADES"; MRT2509 "RUBICANTE"; MRT1970 "ANTENOR"; MRT1906 "CAVALCANTE"; MWH4630 "EPICURUS"; MWH4744 "CERBERUS"; MWH4776 "OVID"; MWH5362 "MALACODA"

Owner: Lyden P. (TOC's own Princeps Tesarius)
Location: Cumbria, UK
Comments:  "LUPERCAL LUPERCAL LUPERCAL!" TOC's own Princeps Tesarius was heard to be chanting...


Rubicante, brutal, wicked and evil gait, stalking at the Titan Owners Club UK Walk
Princeps Tesarius has achieved a very menacing stance with two wicked looking Titan Power Claws
An immense amount of detail on the carapace, shaven and smoothed to apply these decals and paint chevrons.
Superb airbrush work as always from our humblest TOC Staff, he doesn't realise his genius ;)

The flame work common on all Fureans Engines, achieved using stencils and airbrush
Battle damage on Rubicante's face plate adds to the bruiser look of this close-combat Engine. Thanks for sharing and registering this Engine, Princeps Tesarius (Lyden).

Cheers, Princeps Majoris Siph, TOC Admin

Monday, 18 May 2020

A Tale of TOC Princeps - Week 7

Welcome back Princeps All, so week 7 eh? Hope you are all doing well, maybe a light at the end of the tunnel, certainly here in the UK there has been some easing of 'lockdown' measures and people are actively being encouraged to get back to work if that is possible - the service industry is largely shutdown still as are the schools, but a good Fabricator Princeps continues the Omnissiah's work regardless... another fine selection of Titan related progress to share, an one not Titan related but cool nevertheless.

Princeps Robert C - From the US Demi-Legio of TOC, Princeps Robert reported in, he wrote "Progress on Venator Saevus is accelerating". A great bold scheme with the black and white quartered designs and the green.

Princeps Majoris Halfpenny - Update - the as of yet unnamed Reaver has had the lower section build complete, with only the gold trim to have an addition gold added over the wash, and then highlights. The knee pistons need to have the details added. Weapons are on the way to be finished, with either a Battle Titan Laser Blaster and Chainfist, or a Dreadfire missile build. Reaver Astramos of Legio Crucius is busy 'cheque-ing' out the new sibling!

Princeps John H - This week I made no progress on my Chaos Reaver as I took a break and started on my Mechanicum force for Horus Heresy. Took time to read and research so now I have a good idea on what to get as soon as ForgeWorld open their doors. I did how ever build my first unit. Oh, and my house is really clean!

Princeps Senories Martin S - The unnamed 1:10000 Strike Cruiser is undergoing construction in the orbital ship yards.

Princeps Simon W - This week saw the start of the Reaver titan crew plus a added bonus of a trio of Reavers for my AT Legio Solaria maniple. And great work too Princeps Simon with the AT Maniple!

Princeps Tony H - Legio Metalica’s new AT Warlord Titan joining the Maniple's ranks. A great addition Princeps Tony, and by the looks of it, already in the fog of war ;)

So, that wraps up another week of progress from our Fabricator Princeps, stay safe all, and if you can, get back to work! :) I have now returned safe back home from operations and will once again take up the mantle to start on the Legio Astorum Reaver.

Princeps Majoris Siph