Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Titans Dominate March 2017

When Titans take the stage, they take it in a big way.  And a sneak peak from Black Library reveals that March will be the month of the Titans.  We already knew that The Binary Succession was going to be a 2017 splash, but no one could have expected it to come alongside two Blood Angels books (Dante, and Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius), a release of Titanicus as a Limited Edition book, and the re-release of the Titan graphic novel.  Prepare your wallets, because they are likely to scream in a few months.

**Of note, The Binary Succession is not a printed book, but instead is an audio drama (as denoted by the square icon it bears instead of a rectangle) that focuses on Fabricator Kane and some quite drastic measures.

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What say you, our fellow Princeps?  Are you excited about the releases?  

Warlord Titan No.444- Triple Force, Legio Crucius

Certificate Number: 444
Titan Name: Triple Force
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Head Unit: Lucius Pattern
Primary Armament: Arioch Power Claw, Belicosa Volcano Cannon, 2x Apocalypse Missile Launcher
Princeps: TBD
Titan Legio: Legio Crucius
Battle Maniple Composition: "Warhound TBD"

Owner: Anders J.
Location: Norway
Comments: Once, way back in time, stationed at Beluga 61 to defend it against all sorts of ugliness, the current status of "Triple Force" is that of being "disassembled" and non-operative. This was done by the peace loving, aristocratic society of Beluga, for it's value as artistic monuments, as there had not been a threat of war for millennia and the purpose of the machine seemed irrelevant. The recent outbreak of civil war, between xenos infiltrated separatists, the liberation front tainted by chaos, and the Emperor friendly loyalists, has brought new dangers to the planet. Hive Triplus, and the Governor of Beluga 61, is overcome by chaos, supporting the liberation front. The remaining loyalist forces are struggling to save this world for the Emperor, as the Imperium initiated Operation Publicanus failed to crush the tainted leadership and seperatist terrorists. When The Leviathan "Necis Omnium" seemed overcome by forces of chaos, all hope seemed lost. Acquiring long lost rumours of the Warlord Titan's existence, however, gave new hope to save the planet, especially when it's main body was located. The loyalists saw themselves upon a new campaign, to retrieve Triple Force's disassembled armour and weaponry and to rebuild it so they could sack the hive cities of Triplus and Secuun, respectively fallen into chaos and separatist hands.


The Rites of Cleansing begin.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Update Warhound No.4232- Novacula Occulta, 5-12-16

Word recently trickled in on an update to the lovely Warhound, Novacula Occulta, from her owner, jabberjabber:

"Hi Titan Owners Club,

A long overdue update on Novacula Occulta! The structure has long since been completed and the titan has been in the painting stages for a few months now (on and off due to real life pressures).

The first image shows the structure prior to painting being applied and the weapons being attached. The titan is posed crushing a small building.

The second and third images show the initial painting stage of the exterior. Following a black undercoat with the airbrush, several layers of thinned silver were applied in sweeping strokes, aiming for the curved areas to have the highest density of silver applied.

For Legio Perennia, I opted for a green colour scheme and again applied this thinly using the airbrush over the silvered layer.

Using a stencil, I then applied a hexagonal style to half of the titan to suggest a camo scheme and give the titan a bit of a unique appearance.

The edging has been achieved in gold, but I am yet to apply the shading and weathering. The weapons have been painted in subcomponents and were added once the base coating was done along with all the other major armour plating.

The final image shows the titan put together and base coated. The job now is to complete the shading, highlighting, weathering, and other details that need to be applied yet!

Best regards"


The pose is really beginning to take shape here.

The markings are a modified version of the digital camo of modern warfare, but on a Titan scale. 

In full colors and trim, the head unit looks quite lovely.

The Warhound is nearing readiness for war.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Update Reaver No.1915- Rex Submersi, 2-12-16

Exciting news from Dan about his Reaver:

"Hey guys,

Like BigJohn said, at a certain point you have to be done even if you aren't done.  I need to clear coat it.  I will probably still do a kill banner, and I am definitely going to do one more conversion (Plasma Blastgun for carapace weapon).  I might get the courage to do a little more weathering - and try heat blooms on the laser weapons again.  But, the engine is pretty much done, and I will probably begin moving on to other projects.

For those of you who are interested, the banner is made from cardstock, a bit of sprue, and a couple of eagle heads from the Knight kit.  The banner itself is fully templated in Photoshop, and if we get some people who are interested, I think Shadow will consider hosting the file (Nothing confirmed, but it is possible - Shadow). You can change the name, the small text, the size and color of the swords, the number of skull "kill marks" - pretty much everything.  My banner, so small it is illegible, says this in High Gothic:

From Mars comes this Reaver, from fire and war.  This engine has preserved the Mechanicum with focused light and heat of suns.  During the Fall, this machine held the Forge of Olympus Mons against the tide of cy-carnivora, mutants, and the Silica Animus which created these atrocities oflesh and metal.  The hordes chanted: Drown the Lord!  Drown the Lord of Iron and Death!  Suffocate him, submerge him so that we may live on.  Kill the damned King and live on!

They attacked the gates of the Fabricator General at the Temple of the Frictionless Piston, but this engine stood firm against them and drove them back, exterminating them to the last.  Yet, they were prescient; a thousand years later this engine fought in the blockade of the Uhn worlds.  Its carrier ship was shot down over the oceans of planet Aegaeon.  We are blessed for we found this machine therein after three times one thousand years.  Now reborn, the Drowned King rises, restored from the waters of death.

Thus do we invoke the Omnisiah.
Thus do we repair that which was sundered.

I hope you guys like these pics. This project has been amazing - an even bigger job than the warhound!

Explorator Covenant Karnek Rho 37 continues to unearth engines amidst the destroyed worlds of the Uhn holdfast.  At the direction of Archmagos Karnek, the search for additional God-engines continues.  Magos Lacrymae Octavian Razov orders his Secularis work teams to begin the next dig, while Data Predator Sabina Dragunov conducts the rites of Texorcism again and again on the Drowned King.

Auspex readings indicate a still larger engine buried deep in the Macrotek Silos underneath Uhn Prime...something larger than any engine yet unearthed, perhaps with a dangerously self aware and bloodthirsty anima....


Quite the lovely banner, befitting both the Legio and the rich history expected of such an engine.

The knee plates continue to tell the story as well as to draw the eye and break up the colors.

Very lovely carapace work and carapace weapon conversion.

Purity seals adorn her as the magos tries to do the technocism but maintain the heraldry of a traitorous Legio.  Dan's previously done Warhound and interview explain that story.

The magnetized weapons come into their own, as you can see here.  And each gun has a special paint scheme and decals, showing the love that has been thrown into this engine.

A fine tally of kills belongs to this Volcano Cannon.

A fearsome aspect hangs about Rex Submersi.

The Apocalypse missile launcher looks great and the rich red that Dan imparts on his Titans works quite well with it.

The God-Engine stands ready for war.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Update Warhound No.4535- Frigora Mordent, 30-11-16

Jonathan sent us some updates on the lovely and cold Warhound he's been working on:

"Lots of work this weekend and obviously a lot of work to go."


The lovely pose shines further with the paint applied and the trim is very sharp and well done.

It would seem Frigora Mordent's energy banks put off quite the chill through Tzeentch's influence.

Work begins on the carapace and Jonathan's previously shown off excellent gradients continue.

The head carapace is quite lovely, and it helps to draw the corrupted nature of the Titan out and gives the eyes a sense of extra malevolence.

Quite lovely work- TOC

Monday, 28 November 2016

Update Reaver No.1901- Flame of Ruin, 28-11-16

Kim had some great news to share with us recently as a lot of progress has been made on Flame of Ruin.

"Real awesome kit, did spend alot of time (for me) getting the torso right! I am quite proud!"


The Rite of Construction is ready to commence.

The weapons stand ready to bring ruin to the Titan's foes.

The magnetization work that will be key to being able to swap weapons commences.

The pose takes shape, and there is quite a lovely carapace weapon conversion that has been well done.

The Titan is mostly assembled and the Rite of Colors begins!

Always ensure the safety of a Titan in transit, even in its macro transporter.

Wonderful progress, keep it coming! - TOC

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord Head Unboxing

Today, Titan Owners Club brings you something new because we've been blessed with a little bit of luck.  We're bringing you an unboxing (and in later articles, build) of the Mars-Alpha Pattern Warlord head.

The head comes in its own seperate white box, and includes an instruction guide to assist in the build.  The Mars-Alpha Warlord head from Forge World retails at 60 GBP.

Inside of the box are two bags and the instruction booklet.  The second, smaller, bag contains the Princeps in chair, Princeps on foot, and two Moderatii.  The larger bag contains the smaller bag as well as the remaining parts.

The main cockpit is made of four parts, the floor, side walls, and rear hatch.  The head carapace is a single piece that fits over the assembled cockpit.

The Warlord heraldry shields come in the head kit.

The Titan's crew is placed on gates with solid connections so that they do not break away and suffer damage in transit.  They are easy to remove and clean.  The cables for the head are also provided in the head kit and are already pre-shaped.

The faceplate comes in two pieces.

The parts clean very easily and the way they are cast, it is easy to remove the gates.  The head, as can be expected with new molds, has very few casting issues.  Mold lines were minimal, mold slip was undetected, and the release agent was easily cleaned from the parts.  Warping was not an issue in this kit due to the thickness of the parts.  

The medieval knight feel of the head is evident from the moment that you start to look at the pieces, but the feel of it being a Titan from Forge World permeates the parts, blending the two feels easily.  While expensive, the cast is of extremely high quality and the detail is amazing.  Modelers that don't take the efforts to magnetize this kit will lose out on a lot of detail because the entirety of the head has sculpted elements to it.

Later on we'll look into the build of the kit and magnetization of it.

Would you like to see more articles like this in the future?  Do you have any questions regarding the Mars-Alpha Warlord head?  Please feel free to leave comments and questions below.

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