Friday, 20 January 2017

Mars Warhound No.3233- The Spectre of Harakoni, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 3233
Titan Name: The Spectre of Harakoni
Pattern:  Mars Pattern
Primary Armament:  Turbo Laser Destroyer, Inferno Cannon
Princeps: Marcus Von Clausen
Titan Legio: The Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: WLT449- The Ghost of Harakoni, MRT820- The Wraith of Harakoni

Owner: Kasper H.
Location: Herning, Denmark



A very lovely pose with great weathering and attention to detail.

Very clean work on the lines, nice and sharp.  And the decals have been applied flawlessly.

The Spectre of Harakoni stands ready to send foes to the grave.

Fantastic work! - TOC

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rumored Upcoming Secutarii Expansion

Natfka recently posted about a potential expansion of the Secutarii forces coming to the Horus Heresy.  As of right now the Secutarii Hoplites and Peltasts are a 40k only force and seeing them come to the Age of Darkness would be heralded with many a cheer.  So, what's being discussed right now?

From Natfka's blog:

HH Weekender 2017
Secutarii are a new branch of the Taghmata army list. Can never have
automata in the detachement; big focus on infantry and transports.
Secutarii Psiloi, fast attack.
Secutarii Hetairoi, elite.
Secutarii Hypaspists, elite.
Secutarii Heleposis, open topped transport (20 capacity).

You can find more information at his blog post here:

What do you think?  And if true, what do you hope to see as part of this expansion?

Monday, 16 January 2017

Warlord Titan No.374- Lux Terra, Legio TBD

Certificate Number: 374
Titan Name: Lux Terra
Pattern:  Warlord
Head Unit:  Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament:  2x Belicosa Volcano Cannon, Laser Blasters, Arioch Power Claw
Princeps: TBD
Titan Legio: Unknown
Battle Maniple Composition: None (yet) {Always great to hear!- TOC}

Owner: Riku L.
Location: Finland 
Comments: The contents of the package was labeled "Reduced Scale Model" so I assume there is an actual Warlord somewhere ;) {It is also Finland's first registered Engine - TOC}



Welcome to the journey!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Titan Owner Interview- Jesse P., Viduus

You sometimes see a wonderful Titan and you immediately get the thought you in your head, "I have to talk to that person!" because their work strikes you so much.  That certainly landed Jesse in the hotseat for our newest Titan Owner Interview as we discuss his Reaver Titan Viduus.

TOC: We have seen no shortage of Titans in the United States, a decent handful of them coming from California. You've joined that list of Titans yourself with a very beautiful entry in Viduus. What inspired that lovely Reaver?
Jesse: Firstly, I want to convey my thanks to both you and Drake for creating this incredible community for us. It's always fantastic to have a place for like-minded people to come together and share their hobby, especially for those of us with arguably a bit more enthusiasm than sense!

I have noticed that a fair few of us are located in California. I still have yet to come across anyone else who is a member of this site however (Referring to meeting them in person- TOC). Maybe an organized Titan event is in order! As for the inspiration for Viduus, I always used to pine over the large Forge World kits, especially the Titans. There was just something awe-inspiring about them.

I always used to consider them the pinnacle of 40k modeling. And once I found myself graduated and working a month of particularly heavy overtime, I decided to finally take the plunge. I settled on the Reaver as initially I had planned on only owning one. Needless to say, that plan didn't last long.

The lovely Viduus.

TOC: And why hasn't that plan lasted long? Bitten by the hobby bug?
Jesse: Absolutely. Once you have one you want to bring a whole maniple to that next Apocalypse battle. I also have a close friend who is currently the proud owner of two Warhounds, a Reaver, and a Warlord. He is currently working on building an Emperor-class Titan. You might say we have a bit of a rivalry, as we always find each other on the opposite sides of the table.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of his are the Armourcast variants. However, you never know. Maybe I can convert him yet.

TOC: What inspired the decision to pick the Warp Runners?
Jesse: Well it came down to practicality, really. Due to my severe colorblindness, I have difficulty seeing any color with certainty. I have found that following painting guides saves me a lot of stress. I've always liked the color scheme Forgeworld chose initially, and they were kind enough to give us an excellent guide in their Masterclass Series. It just happened to all fall together really.

TOC: For your condition you have done a wonderful job. The blues in particular are extremely rich (in a good way) and the carapace is amazing. How did you achieve that?
Jesse: Thank you! I always loved the deep, rich blue portrayed in the Siege of Vraks illustrations. As for the carapace, other than closely following the guides in Imperial Armour, I spent a great deal of time blending the Forge World decals with several layers of blues, whites, and blacks. Followed by adding the stars and constellations by hand. The scroll work was straight out of the Imperial Armour book, with the Forge World Legio Astorum scroll work over the top. I really can't praise the Imperial Armour Masterclass Volume 2 enough. They really gave a comprehensive step by step guide.

The internals are amazing on such an engine and compliment the Titan's amazing paint job.

TOC: It is quite the impressive job. And it sounds like she has already earned honors and a reputation. How has it been commanding a God-Engine in game?
Jesse: I know it sounds ridiculous, but there is something about having the might of a Titan at your command. Embarrassingly it almost always brings a ridiculous smile to my face. We have a thriving Apocalypse community here, and it's been fantastic watching everyone come together with their own super-heavies.

TOC: It’s hardly a ridiculous thing. Titans are extremely powerful models that remove other models from the board with sickening ease. It's good to have a thriving Apocalypse community available to play since it means your God-Engine is likely to see more than one game per year. Maybe we'll see a Walk After-Action article with your lovely engine later on. How did the name come about?
Jesse: As far as the typical naming convention of the Collegia Titanica, I know Viduus isn't typical. However, ever since university the love of my life has always been fascinated with the Greek and Roman myths and legends. In Roman mythology, Viduus ("divider") was the god who separated the soul and the body after death. She felt this was a fitting name for a God-Engine capable of being the last thing many souls see before the afterlife.

TOC: You allowed someone special to you to be part of your hobby and that's a great thing. And the name is certainly fitting. What drove you to seek TOC membership as part of your hobby?
Jesse: TOC, to me, is an exclusive group of individuals who want to support the growth of the Legio obsession as well as support the community of us who are just crazy enough to own them! It provides a platform for everyone to enjoy the absolutely breathtaking accomplishments of these members. I wanted to join TOC because of the stated reasons above, but also because of the incredibly positive support this community has for each other. I simply wanted to be a part of that.
TOC: How were you introduced to the Titan Owners Club?

Jesse: Initially I was completely unaware of its existence. It was while Googling images of Legio Astorum Reavers in particular that I stumbled across some the beautiful work by Tagsta, Ian D., and Siph Horridus. After that it was just hours spent pouring over the lovely work everyone here has achieved

TOC: What do you ultimately hope to get out of having Viduus and Titan ownership in general?
Jesse: Well, as I said earlier, I’m uniquely blessed to have a thriving Apocalypse community here. Initially, I had purchased Viduus as Titan ownership was always a goal of mine to achieve one day. It also stemmed from my friend letting me borrow his Titans for an Apocalypse game and me absolutely loving the carnage they brought!

But I think what is making me want to continue my Titan maniple is that after Viduus' first walk, everyone has decided they all want super-heavies! Our resident Ork player is already underway building a great Gargant. Our other Guard player is working on a Leviathan, and not to be outdone, my fellow Titan owner is working on an Imperator class Titan!

I guess what I’m trying to say is Viduus ended up transcending my initial intent and inadvertently helped bring a community of massive hobby project together! I hope as my maniple increases in size that its walks will be able to showcase some of the incredible work and effort my group is putting into their Apocalypse games!

TOC: The accidental arms race. It's a bug that my local community also catches when new toys come out. What do you plan to eventually add to your maniple?
Jesse: Well, I know at the very least two Warhounds will be making their way to Viduus' side. As for after that, a Warlord would be a wonderful project, but that will most likely be a purchase only a few years of saving can justify. I'll just have to take it in stride. However, seeing all the work the members of TOC have done with theirs, not eating for a few months is looking incredibly temping!

TOC: We certainly don't wish to encourage starvation in the Omnissiah's name, but they are certainly great models. Does anything go to war at the feet of your lovely Reaver?
Jesse: My main and only force I own for 40k is a shamefully small army of Death Korps of Krieg. Currently, I only have about 1,500 points fully painted (only 50 Guardsman painted!). But, I always loved the imagery of the Siege of Vraks, and as the Legio Astorum stood by the Krieg Regiments there, so too does Viduus stand beside the Krieg 3rd Armored Division, the Iron Knights.

I have made an oath with myself that before I purchase another titan, I must complete more of my army.  Let’s just see how long that lasts shall we?

What will eventually accompany such a battlefield god?

TOC: A very valiant goal. Viduus is certainly going to be in good hands from both owner and supporting force.

What would you like to see most for the future of the Titans, especially with the recent rumblings of games both on table and digitally?
Jesse: I am positively excited about the new Adeptus Titanicus game coming from Forge World. I am, as yet, unsure if I will be picking the core game up, but I certainly love the idea of having mini-me’s of the 40k-scaled titans. I just don't see very many people in my group going for the "epic 40k" scene.

As for the video game that was announced, I have been unable to find any additional information on it, and their link they provided takes me to an unrelated site. As much as I would love to have an awesome Titan video game, with all the incredible fire-power being actually visualized, I'm reserving excitement until I see it.

TOC: Do you think we may eventually see a Titan codex?  (Meant in terms of special rules for the Legios and Titan Guard cohesively, and not allowing them to be abused in regular games as your entire force.)
Jesse: With the way both Games Workshop and Forge World have been cranking out codices, we just might. However this could also be my incredible desire to see it happen speaking! If it had a focus on the Titan Guard, I could perhaps see it coming, but with the minimum cost of a single titan being over seven hundred points alone, I would be very surprised if it ever made it out of an Apocalypse formation or lord of war choice. As much as I would love to see it come about, 1,850 point games just don’t lend themselves well to Titans.

TOC:  I could easily see them staying in that spot. A codex would likely add Legio rules. Do you have any special advice for your fellow TOC members?
Jesse: Either way. It would be an awesome product! I have to say I find this question the most difficult to answer. Honestly, the community here has offered me so much advice through their step by step guides and their external blogs which greatly helped me through the building of my Titan. Perhaps the only advice I feel I could give is when starting the project don't give up! And don't be afraid of any perceived shortcomings! I was so nervous when I started this project, about pinning and my colorblindness, but finally seeing it fully complete has been the most rewarding challenge!

TOC: And the final, always amusing question for you. Any shoutouts for anyone out there or challenges to the others?
Jesse: As for shoutouts, it wouldn't be proper if I didn't give recognition to the individual Reaver owners that while Goggle searching brought me to this lovely site. That would be Tagsta with Invictorus, Ian D. with Malleus Imperatoris, and Siph Horridus with Honorum. It was these gentlemen and their beautiful engines that first introduced me to the Titan Owners Club and inspired me to follow in their footsteps and create my own God Machine of Legio Astorum. I also need to give credit to Justin H. for his fantastic guides for building these machines. It was has blog, 30mm Madness, that gave me the courage to actually undertake this challenge.

TOC: Thank you for your time in doing this interview. May Viduus see many a battlefield fall in her favor.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Titan Literature Review- Blood in the Machine

Titan Owners Club brings you the first in a new series of content.  Our first Titan Literature Review comes from an unexpected quarter and revolves around the Flesh Tearers Space Marines and a mission of the most interesting nature.


Story: Blood in the Machine

Format: MP3 Audio Drama (Short Story in Trial by Blood)

Length: Approx. 1 hour and 12 minutes


The Plot:  Gabriel Seth, Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers, is pulled into a mission from an Inquisitor who sees her mission as the only thing of import: the destruction of an Imperator Titan that she claims is not loyal to Mars.  On the war ravaged world of Armageddon, Seth and his warriors must hitch a ride to the mission area along with the Inquisitor, and do so by means of yet another Titan.  Yet, all is not as it may seem with this Inquisitor as her actions imperil Flesh Tearers, Guardsmen, and even the Imperium as a whole.

Titan Focus: The story for Blood in the Machine revolves around Inquisitor Lekas’ quest to down what she calls an Imperator Titan that “does not belong to the forges of Mars.”  The Titan involved in the story’s main tale is unnamed, but is the focal point for the mission that she forces the Flesh Tearers upon.  The vast bulk of the story revolves around the mission and the Flesh Tearers’ disdain for what’s been done to them in the story.  It’s a roaring tale of action, gore, and Flesh Tearers doing what they do best, as well as setting the scene for some of the events that happen in Armageddon or tying in to other short stories.  In short, this is not a Titan-centric story at all.  However, that doesn’t mean that the Titans are any bit lacking in this story or that it fails to add to the impression of these mighty god-engines.

At one point, there is another Imperator Titan involved in the story, called the Validus, which becomes a key mode of transit for the strike force on their mission.  Through the scenes involving the Imperator it becomes evident what scale these mighty engines hold, their sheer size, and more importantly, their destructive power.  Mild descriptions are given to weapon lengths, power, weapon loadouts, and even the sheer amount of force that the Imperator can bring to bear.  Blood in the Machine has a way of bringing some of the older fluff of the Imperator Titan to life and gives them sound and fury in the audio drama. 

The Flesh Tearers, normally considered to be near fearless at all times and willing to face any odds, themselves become transfixed by the Validus and have to admit gratitude at not having to face such a powerful foe.  While only brief, the appearance of the Titans in Blood in the Machine sets up the revival of some old fluff that isn’t often seen anymore and provides insight into how even the Space Marines see them.  Furthermore, it shows the operation of a Titan to a minor extent and the mindsets of the Princeps and crew. 

Score: 3/5 Cogs

Final Thoughts: While the story is great, for Titan lovers it’s not going to be the best source of lore or Titan action.  There are no Titan vs. behemoth type fights and the Titans certainly don’t steal the show, even though the main objective of the strike force is another Imperator Titan.  However, Blood in the Machine does set the tone for a sequel short story that focuses on the results of Inquistor Lekas’ actions on Armageddon.  In addition, it reminds us of the raw power that an Imperator Titan commands and the size of the god-engines.

Let us know if you've read the story or find interest in it.  Was the review helpful and do you wish to see more of them?  Let us know in the comments below.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Reaver Titan No.820- The Wraith of Harakoni, Legio Astorum

Certificate number: 820
Titan Name: The Wraith of Harakoni
Pattern: Mars Pattern
Primary Armament: Melta canon, laser blaster, apoc missile launcher. Gatling blaster and power fist in reserve
Princeps: Sir Daniel Lucius Carnby 
Titan Legio: Legio Astorum
Battle Maniple Composition: WLT 449-The Ghost of Harakoni, MWH 3233- The Spectre of Harakoni

Owner: Kasper H.
Location: Herning, Denmark



The Wraith of Harakoni stands tall and proud.


A very tall engine readies for war.

A lot of weathering and love were put into this Rite of Colors.

Very lovely engine! - TOC

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mars Warhound No4622 - Animus invictus Ferro, Legio Perennia

Certificate Number: 4622
Titan Name: Animus invictus Ferro  
Pattern:  Mars Pattern
Primary Armament:  Turbo Laser and Plasma Blastgun
Princeps: Classified
Titan Legio: Legio Perennia
Battle Maniple Composition: None



Work in Progress:

The Journey begins.

Titan Owners Club