Thursday, 24 January 2019

A look at Legio Mortis in Titandeath

Hi all

The Titandeath book is dropping soon, so I thought it would be a good time to look at the Legio Mortis Rules and options. 


Reaper’s Tally: This rule sounds particularly dangerous to me, especially with low shot-count, high-damage Weapons (Belicosas etc). As an Engine kills an enemy Engine it gains the ability to re-roll a single dice roll of 1 every time it makes “a shooting attack.” The rule doesn’t specify if it’s to hit or to damage, so it seems like the player can choose. It also isn’t specified whether the rule applies for each and every shooting attack weapon in the Engine’s arsenal or whether it’s a re-roll for just one shooting attack the Engine makes in the combat phase. To me it reads as though it applies to every shooting attack the Titan makes (so a re-roll for each and every shooting attack the Engine makes in the combat phase), as the rule says “it gains the ability to re-roll a single dice roll of 1 each time it makes a shooting attack,” which is damn deadly. This is cumulative too (so kill 2 foes, gain 2 re-rolls per shooting attack). 

State of Decay: This rule shows how deadened the Legio Mortis were to the constant brutality of war. This trait grants a perk to ignore some critical head damage to the crew for a turn. Other restrictions apply. 



March of the Dead: it’s the equivalent of a quick snap in Bloodbowl (all Engines get a free move before turn 1), but the enemy always gets the first turn. 



Remains of the fallen: As we know, Legio Mortis are quite fond of strapping remains of enemies (including Knight torsos or still living foes) to their armour. This increases the command level of an enemy unit +1 if within 8,” as they begin to shake in their jackboots. 

The Warmaster’s Beneficence: This upgrade increases the strength of its missile or bolter weapons the first time it fires, and may ignore the effects of the draining rule the first time it fires in a game. This could be good, if you upgrade a powerful Engine, to finish an enemy Warlord off in turn 1 after another Warlord has softened it. 



Rotten Heart: Chaos is here already! The Princeps has already sided with Chaos, and so has the Machine Spirit. It means you can ignore the effect of Machine Spirit awakening, but take some Reactor heat instead. 

Pitiless: Basically even when an enemy Titan is bleeding out, Mortis take no prisoners. When an enemy Titan that is currently critically damaged is targeted, all damage rolls recieve +1 to the strength of the attacks. 

Ancient of Terra: Legio Mortis has many ancient Princeps which have taken full immersion or similar due to how old the Legion is. It is a bit of an odd name for the trait, but it basically means the Titan treats the red level as the orange level of the reactor overload table.

Can’t wait to get some games in. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Mars Warhound No.3410 - Toxicofera Alpha, Legio Ulricon

Certificate Number: 3410
Titan Name: 
Toxicofera Alpha
Pattern: Mars Pattern Chaos Warhound
Head Unit: N/A
Primary Armament: Plasma blastgun, Vulcan Mega-bolter, Inferno gun and Turbo-laser destructor
Princeps: Jenords Voight
Titan Legio: Legio Ulricon
Battle Maniple Composition: No others at 28mm scale. Plenty of Adeptus Titanicus.

Owner: Chainaxe
Location: Lancashire, UK
Comments: Bought pre-owned. Arrived broken. Taking a while to get it fixed up {good on you!! T.O.C.}. Magnetised at the waist, all weapons and head. Still work in progress, but will be painted up as one of my Adeptus Titanicus scale models.



For the eight pointed star!!

Titan Owners Club

Adeptus Titanicus- Legio Atarus Painting Video

Warhammer TV dropped a nugget on us today with the Legio Atarus paint scheme.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Introducing Tagg

Hello All!

I'm Tagg, a fairly new member of Titan Owners Club and the newest member of the TOC staff. You may have seen me  posting here in the comments on other Titans and soon making new posts themselves. The team was kind enough to think of me when they needed extra help, and I look forward to sharing my love of Titans with all the other Titan lovers out there and help grow the community. I know how exciting it was to see my own engines get posted online so I am excited to help get more lovely engines registered and fight some of them soon!

I've been in the hobby for over 10 years now, and I definitely can't seem to kick this resin addiction. I enjoy all aspects of the hobby, but I am mostly a builder at heart. Give me a pile of plasti-card, a bitz box, and a gallon of super glue and I'll build anything. I love to scrap together new terrain pieces or all manner of ork vehicles; I make it a point that none of my vehicles look the same, from trukks to my greatest construct, a Great Gargant. I like to read the books as well, and have knocked out the first 30 of the Horus Heresy series. Reading Mechanicum really got me interested in the Titans. My own Titan journey finally began late one night last year while browsing Ebay. I stumbled across a Lucius Warhound, in rough shape but whole and needing some love, and I couldn't say no. Fast forward; I am now the proud owner of three (3) Titans. Magna Tormentum : Mars Class Reaver (Reaver-AWOC-13), Oculus Aquilae : Lucius Warhound (Lucius-AWOC7), and the newly arrived Mars Warhound (Mars-5402). They belong to Legio Oberon; a Legio that had no details previously so I have made it into my own with a flaming sword banner and orange/black theme. They have both had a Walk but have yet to square off against an enemy Titan, so I cannot wait for my first Engine Kill! 

"Klaus" stands ready with a new paint job and base.

 "Mags" with her new weaponry. 

Newly arrived #5402 is ready for the Rite of Cleansing.

Legio Oberon stands ready to bring the Emperors justice

UV Glow. Tom Markham does wonders.

I'm a huge history buff as well, and was amazed at how many historical references there are in 40k; something I find fantastic. I love to read and chat about anything from the Bronze Age to World War 2. I'm routinely reading either a historical piece or a 40k book of some kind. Since I can't resist mixing history and 40k, I'm also working on a new force of Secutarii Hoplites to escort my God-Engines into combat. However they will be built up to look like a Macedonian Phalanx from antiquity with long sarissa pikes and I am really excited to start that project.

Mags is very excited as you can see. 

My primary army for 40k is my Death Korps of Krieg (see resin addiction :D). The 219th siege regiment, I love the models and they got me started down the path of Forge World. They were also a driving factor for getting the Lucius Warhound. Since Lucius provides Krieg with their equipment, couldn't pass that chance to sync my Legio with my primary 40k army! I also have a large Ork army complete with its own Stompa mob and Great Gargant. I also have a gargantuan squiggoth coming soon!

Keep an eye out for my name soon enough and I look forward to meeting some of you, and chatting with the rest of you on here!

Monday, 21 January 2019

Warlord Titan No.742 - Aegis Aeternum, Legio Fureans

Certificate Number: 742
Titan Name: Aegis Aeternum
Pattern: Mars-Alpha Warlord
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha (want to get the Mars-Beta if possible later on) 
Primary Armament: 2 Sunfury Plasma Annihilators, Apocalypse Missile Launchers
Princeps: Raho Korduvan
Titan Legio: Legio Fureans
Battle Maniple Composition: None (for now...) 

Owner: Marlon B.
Location: Speyer, Germany

Comments: I'm going to magnetise the arms and the carapace weapons to be able to exchange them in the future.


Work in progress:
Cleaning rites have been observed.

Titan Owners Club

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Update Mars Warhound No.5173- Carrion Crow, 20-1-19

Luke has finished the Carrion Crow!  


Very nice decal work there.

This engine is certainly prowling the battlefield and making a mess.

Beautiful engine.

Adeptus Titanicus- Titandeath- Appendices and Final Thoughts

We finally wrap up our coverage of the main contents of Titandeath.  The book ends with appendices that contain information about the Knight Houses that fought at Beta-Garmon and the various battlezones within the campaign.  We also give our thoughts on the book as a whole.

The book covers five pages of Knights, with basic background on the involvement of Knights in the campaign to the most common types of Knight suits that fought.  Unfortunately, this section is a bit “skimpy” and offers little beyond knowing who fought there and who they fought alongside.  There are two tables in this section, one for each Loyalist and Traitor.  It lists the Knight house, their allegiance to either the Mechanicum or Imperium, their main livery colors, and to which Titan Legion they are allied. 

Unfortunately, there are no heraldry examples or any indication of what roles they may have played in the different battles. Where this section shines is that it will allow players to decide which Knight houses they would like to run near their Titans.  It also makes it clear that future supplements will place a greater emphasis on the Knights and will cover the Questoris Familia, new Knight types, Barons, and Scions Seniores.


This portion of the appendix presents two pages of rules that can be used in missions to represent hostile battlefields for your engines to fight over.  Designed to represent the planets of the Beta-Garmon cluster, these optional rules can be used in any games when the players agree to do so.  These rules cover weird planetoids, from those that can devour engines to those with acidic rain wearing away the Titans.  These rules are thematic and add a level of complexity to games of Adeptus Titanicus that call to mind many of the great stories written by Black Library regarding Titans over the years.


For being the first supplement of the new edition of Adeptus Titanicus, this book is amazing.  It adds to the lore of the game, ties in nicely to other publications, and presents new opportunities to players.  While lighter on the lore than desired, and lacking anything meaningful for the Knights, this book delivers loads of content.  The new Titan Legion rules are fantastic and expansive, while the missions provide thematic gameplay that make the desperate nature of the Beta-Garmon campaign come to life.  The amazing artwork, superb layout, and grand content make this supplement one of the finest ever produced by Games Workshop and a must-have for Adeptus Titanicus players.