Friday, 15 January 2021

Warbringer Nemesis Titan No.252 - Memento Mori, Legio Victorum

Certificate Number: 252
Titan Name: Memento Mori (Remember Your Death)
Pattern: Mars Pattern, Nemesis Warbringer).
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha
Primary Armament: Mori Quake Cannon main armament and twin Battle Titan Volcano Cannons.
Princeps: #CLASSIFIED#
Titan Legio: Legio Victorum
Battle Maniple Composition: Warlord (869); Reaver (2442); Warbringer (252); Warhound (4045), Warhound 3063-1

Owner: Adie H.
Location: South Yorkshire, UK
Comments: "Remember Your Death", "Memento Mori" came from watching a YouTube video of one of my favourite none Warhammer channels, it refers to the inevitability of death, it's the motto of the Cerro Gordo ghost town, and remembering the death of miners that died in a mine collapse. It seems suitably morbid for this Titan. I wanted to actually wait to get the new Delta head which wasn't out when I purchased the Titan but had an idea for the skull face plate which worked with the existing Alpha head, although it wasn't my first choice but has now become one of my favourite Titan Heads, the skull was just free handed on and came out better than expected!!! Fellow club member Gemie helped me with leg build on this so that part of the build credit goes to him. I had heard horror stories of Warbringer legs!!!!! We have the best community for helping each other.

Great skull work on the Head
Nearly done, looking superb
A fearsome Laser arsenal and Quake Cannon main gun
Fearsome skull visage
Great chevron work
Great braced legs for the firing!

Cheers Princeps Adie, a great addition to the growing Maniple.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Behind the Scenes - No Lies But Definitely Statistics

Another behind the scenes already!?

You guys can blame our own Princeps Siph and Emerald Phoenix for this [Shadow is genuinely screaming "Thank you!" - TOC].  Some of the administrative staff actually work in fields the do a lot of statistical work (Civil Engineering, Surveying, etc.) and you're obviously giving them an excuse to use that in the Club as well.  So, we came up with some treats for you in terms of data.

These have been shown off before, but it never hurts to update them and the below data is our must current.  No commentary this time because we want to let you guys discuss among yourselves in the comments section, Facebook, etc.  And if we see something juicy in the comments that our database will (reasonably) let us analyze, you might even get answers or see the statistics added.  Now, for the analytical candy:

Feel free to hit up the comments or leave notes for us at:

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Reaver Titan No.2499 - The Rat King, Unknown Legio

Certificate Number: 2499
Titan Name: The Rat King (formerly The Ferro Arce)
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver Titan
Head Unit: A custom and possibly heretek design, whose creator was lost during the fires of The Horus Heresy.
Primary Armament: Battle Titan Volcano Cannon, Gangers Redoubt carapace armament.
Titan Legio: Unknown Legio

Owner: Thomas B. (motllub)
Location: Inner London, UK
Comments: The last engine of a long forgotten loyalist Legio, the Rat King stood immobile in the depths of its Forge Hive slowly becoming overgrown by the hive gangers that made it their home. (The head of the titan is a custom 3D printed part that I sculpted myself.) I was inspired to create this titan by the idea that a Titan is like a moving castle, I wanted something that had crew members scuttling all over it, firing down at enemy troops below and dropping boiling tar on them.  Still a work in progress but I'm using lockdown to get as much done as possible.

A unique and great looking head design, a custom job by Princeps Tom(we support creators custom work not based on FW IP and obviously Forge World purchases, please do not ask to purchase the STL files-TOC)
Only a Battle Titan Volcano Cannon at this stage, but an interesting take on carapace weaponry - a redoubt or castle for the Hive Gangers.
Adapted and gantries fitted whilst the titan was in deep hibernation abandoned within the hive forge by long dead Tech adepts - what disaster befell the original Legio?
One of the Hive Gangers on the Titan gantry
Certificate of Authenticity - Princeps Tom will need this once all the conversions are in place! I reckon it will look like a scratchbuild by then with extensive alterations by the Gangers.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Global Battlefield - First of 2021

Yeah, 2020 wasn't our year to show off the Global Battlefield.  We had such an influx of Titans that it really wasn't worth updating the maps because we'd have updated so often Shadow's fingers would have fallen off.  :)  We still have a healthy backlog, but now we have a good opportunity to show you where we currently stand!





Update - Warlord Titan No.114 - Hammer of Synne, Legio Shadowbane - 9 Jan 21

Princeps Lucilla has updated us with her Warlord build, some fantastic progress with the main Torso.
Main torso assembly nearly complete. The main armour plates and Tertiary Weapons are prepared but left off until Rites of Colour progressed.

Test walks in her assembly bunker with a provisional test loadout selection look promising.
Considerations for the name in High Gothic? Now Princeps Lucilla's High Gothic is not all that good but thinks Hammer of Synne would be something like Synne Malleo, Legio Shadowbane may be Legio Umbra Nocet (Though if you replace Bane with Slayer you get Interfectorem which has an unintentionally curious echo in the considerations of rites of colour below).

As to the colours, the Titan's name is  a reference to Princeps Lucilla's World of Warcraft Character, who is a large hammer wielding Blood Elf Bloodknight who wear black and red armour, though clearly you cannot feature an elf in the heraldry, so Princeps Lucilla may get away with a few hints a bit like certain Cobra themed iconography displayed on a recently shown Reaver.

Now there is Legio Interfector for reference to build upon with those two primary colours and the Mars Beta cockpit does echo the Bloodknight uniform's helm shape.
As Princeps Lucilla's collection features Deathwatch and other factions she is hoping to primarily reference the Deathwatch's Black Red and Silver as the primary colours whilst giving a nod to the other factions it may walk alongside in the heraldry (Again one of which is WoW themed 40K ). As Ordo Xenos Inquisitors do have the right to commandeer assets as required so imagine if they need a deployment for something larger than a Killteam The Hammer could honour its service in its livery for the allocation perhaps with a reference to its true Legio heraldry and Number on the shield plates.

Princeps Lucilla will have to research Adeptus Titanicus books for ways to make to make it work as a loyalist Titan but having a few hammer symbol ideas to adopt/adapt and perhaps a 'Deathwatch' silver arm?

Had a slightly crazy idea for the Deathwatch markings involving making a 3D printed layer of text to apply to the left shoulder with a freely internet sourced deathwatch icon model placed over it to mimic the marine shoulder pads style (and hot water heat treated to bend to the curve of the plate). The right shoulder still has its regular markings to honour the machine spirit.
Hoping this will seem a bit more 'Engraved' than a regular transfer.

Decided it just needed to be done on the Mid plate for the engraved look as it better suited the limitations I found in applying straight lines of text over a slightly curved form but will paint the overlapping plates and the rest of the left arm armour silver/gold as well, though the weapons on the left side with the exception of the still to be posed Claw probably should have red casings.

I could not see any full reference for the text on the Astartes scale pads, seemed to be a list of random flavour text. For my text I used the pads and codex as well as the Deathwatch computer game for the reference words and added in a few names and locations relevant to the armies and characters The Hammer of Synne walks with. Impact Font seemed to have a suitable format suited to forming the banded lines seen on the pads

After a lot of trial and error as I progressed the concept to prototype layers and final printing and application of the text 'hard transfer sheets' as I came to refer to them.

Nearly ready for the Rites of Colour, excellent work Princeps Lucilla!

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Update - Reaver Titan No.1881 - Ustor Mundi - 7 Jan 21

 Princeps Mike has been working on Ustor Mundi and made significant progress:


Great progress and the gold and purple are richly done.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Behind the Scenes - Events in the US for 2021

Pardon our dust.  We're going to start with that important thing.

TLDR: We ARE event planning for the US but full details are below.

Will there be events in the USA in 2021?  The honest answer is that we don't know and that's why we're bringing you today's article.  

COVID-19 wrecked every single event in the US and the UK last year and we have zero regrets about doing the right thing to keep people safe by cancelling last year.  The situation we have today is still bleak and grim but there is hope because of the vaccination efforts.  How long the vaccination rollout takes is a completely different story and it will greatly impact our events.  To provide a brief bullet point of our current even planning efforts and thoughts:

  • US Branch staff and Ownership ARE planning to bring events in 2021.
    • This will include the five (5) Regionals and the National.
    • It should be noted the the window for reporting the event details has been extended from February 28th to May 15th so we can monitor the situation.
  • Each Regional Coordinator will make the decisions they feel best for their Region.
    • Each Coordinator has the right to scrap an event if they feel it is not safe to host a Regional due to virus intensity or lack of vaccination.
    • The Branch Chairman usually has a duty to ensure all Regions hold an event; however, this power was put in place without something like COVID ever being a factor and so this requirement is being waived in 2021.
  • We are still looking at the National and discussing potential locations and timelines.
    • Major cities are already off the table due to the virus.
    • Late fall/early winter are far more likely due to vaccination.
  • If you have been sick within a week of the event, DO NOT show up.
  • If you feel sick at the time of the event, DO NOT show up.
We appreciate your patience in this matter and we look forward to having more information for you as it becomes available.  The UK Branch will provide you an update on their event(s) when they are ready.  For any questions or comments on the US events, please feel free to reach out to Shadow at or Tagg at