Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lucius Warhound No745 - Lupus ad pecus, Legio Gryphonicus

Certificate Number: 745
Titan Name: Lupus ad pecus
Pattern: Lucius Pattern Warhound
Variant: Wolf
Head Unit: Standard
Primary Armament: Plasma blast gun, double barrelled turbo laser destructor
Princeps: Kurtz
Titan Legio: Legio Gryphonicus
Demi Legio: Gryphes terribilis iustitiam, (Griffins of Terrible Justice)
Battle Maniple Composition: Urgent reinforcement from Mars due imminently {Awesome T.O.C}

Owner: Col.Hertford
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Comments:  Fought in the Tallarn campaign with great distinction. Battle cry is "War is Just"



Engine 745 with two Vassal Knights.

Princeps Kurtz

Very nice iron work and airbrushing.

Great Weathering on the feet.


Lovely paint job. Great looking engine.

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  1. How did you do the weathering on the feet? the colours / powders used look fantastic.

  2. I wish I could claim credit, but it was painted for me by Golem Painting Studio. The base is weathering powders over a mud coloured base.