Thursday, 7 January 2016

Mars Warhound No4104 - Canis Ignem, Legio Astorum

Certificate Number: 4104
Titan Name: Canis Ignem
Pattern:  Mars Pattern
Primary Armament: Double Turbolasers and Plasma Blastgun. (Inferno Cannon as option)
Princeps: Agostinho Vadim.
Titan Legio: Astorum.
Battle Maniple Composition: The Warhound will be the lead unit in a Scout Maniple of Imperial Knights. All "Oathsworn Freeblades" with a debt of honour to the Titan Legion.

Owner: Ian Payne
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Comments: Finally I've got one! I've wanted a 40k Titan since playing Epic as a kid, and treated myself for my 30th birthday in September. Hopefully I'll do it justice. {Sure you will - T.O.C}



A glorious pile of FW resin

 Well targeted filling

 and again

 Lets see if the internals will be painted too

Updated as of 07/01/2016

Ian has some new images to show us on his growing Warhound.


A good walking pose going.  Scouting the enemy, perhaps.

A special base is in the works, littered with fallen Tau.  

Very well maintained interior of the Titan.

The head came along quite nicely.

Updated as of 20/02/16

Very sharp details, love the glossy lenses.

Getting ever closer to walking.

Updated as of 27/02/16

It has been a year since Ian's last update (life gets in the way sometimes), so lets see how the Engine is coming along:

Long time no progress: life happened - I had to work abroad for a bit last year, then came up to the last build phase just before Christmas and didn't want to make a mess.

Long story short, magnetising those arms is a nightmare. The head is attached. I need to build the Turbolasers, and sort the cables. Arms to paint and some finishing up to do!

Still a way to go, but it is getting closer!

The shin pad flames look great.

Hopefully it will be completed in 2017!

Up to date as of 01/03/2017

 Some great progress. Ian has some object source highlighting to do and some weathering before she is finished.

 The Inferno cannon looks great so far too.

Up to date as of 23/04/2017

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  1. Welcome to the addiction. Good start mate, what glue are you using?

  2. My regular superglue, but all the big joints are pinned, as well as all the load bearing joints in the legs that I'm working on now (which due to the pose meant pinning all nine joints in the toes on the right foot: nightmare!).

    1. If not too late, I'd recommend JB Plastic Weld two-part epoxy resin, so much stronger and less brittle than superglue.