Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Update Warlord Titan No104 08/12/2015 - Named and under construction

Siph has been continuing on his assembly of the now named: Dominus Victoira. Here is what he has to say:

Hi TOC, I have embarked on the journey of titan construction. So far going good, as 30mm Madness says, it's the journey not just the destination. So slow and purposeful...
I am using JB Weld Plastic Weld and so far, its the greatest two part epoxy resin I have ever used, very very strong and backed up with pinning in some places. Twin syringe type applicator so mess free too!
I considered several names, Dominus (latin for Lord... Warlord...) and my Warhound is already Canis Bellum (latin for War, so Dominus Bellum (Lord of War... Warlord) is out. Considered Dominus Exitum (Lord of Destruction), Dominus Mortem (Lord of Death) but finally settled for the more regal Lord of Victory - DOMINUS VICTORIA of the Legio Astorum.

More pictures and details of construction over at my Blog (www.weemen.blogspot.co.uk) where I will be blogging a construction diary in parts, useful if you are planning your own. But please check out Dave Taylor Miniatures videos and TOC Resources tab up top for 30mm Madness tips, been great so far.

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  2. Looking good! What's the thickness of those magnets used at the torso/hips joint?

  3. Hi Dave, They are 25mm diameter x 10mm depth, with a strong pull of about 24lbs. And a Forstner bit of 25mm diameter to drill the hole. They are so strong, the Torso one doesn't even need to be drilled all the way through as shown giving a better hold for the magnet (its impossible for it to pull itself through the base plate) and still strong enough for me to have to use both hands to pull apart.

  4. Welcome to the madness.... Looks like your off to a cracking start!

    I was a bit suprised to see fairy power spray. It can make resin lose it rigidity in my experience.

  5. Col, I use it to wash the pieces and then rinse - not to soak. I used Flash Kitchen De-greaser and Washing Up liquid to soak, but the stubborn bits needed a bit of directed power spray. Yeah, that was what I had heard so I used with caution.

    1. Hi Siph, thanks for the reply. I hadn't used degreaser before, must try it!