Sunday, 13 March 2016

Mechanicum News Bulletin 13/3/16- The Walk Continues

Another productive week for the Titan Owners Club as we hit 75 registered engines!  Catch up on what you may or may not have missed and get a recap of of the week.

One of the earliest Warlords released made a splash to start the week for TOC.  The eternal war begins for Eternal Vigilance.  This new Warlord Titan shall soon be the bane of foes and we look forward to seeing a walk soon.

Lelantos made quick work to go from the building yards to completion.  She saw her first combat and took on the perfidious Eldar.  She made a good name for herself until being sniped out by a Lynx.  The god-machine was recovered and awaits repair and her next battle.

Following up on the success that he had with Anima Messor, Jonathan has gotten him two new Titans.  Hyperion of the Legio Tempestus came in with the fury of the storm and has a paint scheme to match.  We're looking to the future of this engine with excitement.

Basing is always a big part of making a model look good.  While some of the larger models don't use, or even need them, it's always wonderful to see what people come up with for them.  David provided us with a wonderful tutorial on how he bases his Titans and gives them the cracked earth effect that happens when these Titans torture the ground.

The Legio Astorum sent another representative as Invicti Magnus began her journey to a lifetime of war.  The newest of the T.O.C. Titans, she's in the early stages but we'll see more of her and her sister Titan as well.  Be on the lookout for more of these terrible twins.

Next week we have a special new article coming up for you guys that may result in yet another feature being added to the Titan Owners Club.  We'll see you next week.

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