Thursday, 7 April 2016

Update Reaver No1833 - Hyperion, 7/4/16

Jonathan had some good news to share with us about the progress on his Reaver Titan, Hyperion:

Putting the finishing touches on my Reaver. Need to dull coat, base and add some cables, going to work on his scroll work as well, but I'm satisfied with the process enough to call him "Operational"

Very good, solid stance.  Lovely banner work.

The guns are charged and ready.  Good pulsing look on blaster.

Very sharp checkerboard pattern that really breaks up the Titan's profile.

Lovely and well placed use of the Forge World Titan decals.

Hyperion has come along quite beautifully and is only "operational" right now.  She'll look great once finished. - T.O.C.


  1. Lovely work, love the camouflage scheme.

    Btw - crossed Axes denote Warlord Titan Class, so perhaps the head decal denotes belonging to an associated Warlord? Is he coming next? ;)

  2. Awesome looking Engine. Absolutely fantastic paint job!

  3. Siph_Horridus, there is in fact a Warlord following this. Taking a small break before I get started, waiting on my "cyclon" head from the UK.

    Thanks Drake, it was both a joy and a pain but I could not of asked for a better effect.

  4. Glad to see your engine on here, and can't wait for the Warlord!

  5. This came out really well, nice job! The checkerboard on this is so clean and crisp! Mind telling us a bit about your process for it?