Sunday, 10 April 2016

Warlord Titan No.67 - Stella Rubri, Legio Telesto

Certificate Number: 67
Titan name: Stella Rubri - "The Red Comet"
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord Titan
Head Unit: Mars-Alpha and Mars-Beta
Primary Armament: Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Laser Blasters x2, Belicosa Volcano Cannon, Arioch Titan Power claw with inbuilt Vulcan Mega Bolter
Princeps: Telsa Ina
Titan Legio: Legio Telesto - "The Star Dragons"
Demi-Legio: Demi Legion Unequis
Battle Maniple Composition: Warhound Titan "Vulpes Ignis" Warhound TItan 980

Owner's Name: Nic
Location: Illinois, USA

Comments: Still a work in progress, but base colors are largely finished. On to Detailing. 

Photos: Attached

The start of every Titan

Beautiful work on the head section and great freehand paint work.

Great work on the power claw conversion.

Beautiful looking engine.

That detail work previously mentioned will make this amazing engine pop even more.  - T.O.C.


  1. Great to see the red comet in the club!

  2. Beautiful Engine, love the deep red, not so sure of the purple shields, is there a story behind them? Not a crit, just a personal opinion. Love the Engine mate.

    1. Thanks man, I understand the critique about the purple. There isn't a particular fluff reason for it I just enjoy the look of chrome and purple and the spot heraldry color to break up the red. It was either going to be purple or blue, I I felt that the purple worked better as a darker contrast for the red.

    2. I find that purple does tend to work better with red than blue does. They pair really well. The purple on chrome is a nice touch, I'll admit.

  3. A very beautiful engine. And I agree with Siph on the depth of that red. I really love the claw conversion. It looks like the last thing on Earth that my poor Warhound would want to run into.

    1. Thanks, the claw is actually the official FW warlord Titan claw. They had a hand full of them for sale at the weekender, but not generally available yet.

    2. could you describe how you made the yorishiro? They look great.

    3. Ah. It looked a bit different from the previous images I'd seen. Still, it looks very good and between that claw and the general pose of your Warlord it really has that "Don't screw with me" look to it.

  4. Looking amazing and I really like your fluff. The power claw is nasty-looking, I really like it. It's nice to see another person from Illinois as well! Perhaps we can have a game at some point!

    I'm still waffling on my Legio, but interestingly, I was considering Legio Dracones (star dragons)! In some ways I'd almost like to make my warhound a Telesto engine since you've published the name. I wouldn't want to reuse
    that star dragons name with a different Legio at this point. And that makes the large assumption you were ok with it, of course- but I'm still trying to decide, and honestly I'm really torn in a couple
    Directions at this point.

    anyway, really love the whirlwind / spiral work and the folded prayer scrolls are a lovely touch. Looking good and keep it up. I Personally think the shield colors clash a bit with the engine as it is, but I've seen enough of your stuff to have faith it will work out.

    Keep it up man!