Thursday, 26 May 2016

Titan Owner Interview- Brandon W., Multa Nimis

TOC: First, I'd like to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to conduct this interview with me. And I think a good place to start is by asking what got you into Titan ownership? What was the main draw that inspired you to make such a sizeable investment? 

Brandon: Everyone always seems to talk about how awesome it would be to have a Titan. One of the most iconic war machines in the 40k universe.

Everyone seems to always talk about having one; I actually decided to get one.   ....that and I wanted something big! Along with having more money than sense at the time! 

Sizeable in cost and in scale.

TOC: So, part status symbol, part giant toy? 

Brandon: Of course! What better toy would there be to play 40k with than a Titan?! And we can all be as modest as we want, but knowing that we're going to be turning heads when we bring out our Titans. Everyone wants one; few actually go through with it. That being said, I bought it for me. The Titans are simply some of the coolest models available. From the size, to the rules, to the detailed interiors. They are the natural progression of any Collector's hobby. 

TOC: They also make for a good centerpiece as well. The Warhound is very much where many beginners to Titans start because of their smaller size, weight, and cost. What most drew you in to starting with the Warhound? 

Brandon: I won't lie, price was a big factor. But at the time I got my Warhound, I could have afforded the  Reaver also. The Warlord, well, that would have cost a marriage too, so that was never an option!  

Mostly though, it was the character and ability to pose it in so many ways. It was going to be more unique and personal. Though the head is simple, there is so much expression in it. Expression you can seem to change, with the proper angling of the head and the stance of the model. 

TOC: The versatility was a big draw, then? And you've definitely shown versatility with your build so far when you look at the picture of the Warhound on its base, stepping on a Rhino. What's the planned story behind that? 

Brandon: Posing and assembling models is a favorite aspect of the hobby for me. Knowing that the models are unique. Thinking about the actions of the model as I'm building it. What's going through their mind at the time? The planned story for my basing, so far; Warhound Titan, though smallest of the war Titans and classified as a scout, is still a God-Engine of the Adeptus Titanicus. A lord of the battle field, surveying its domain, crushing those who oppose its will. Standing tall and proud, searching for prey for its next hunt. Well, that's the story that unfolds in my mind as I'm building it. If I'm able to convey that to everyone else; that's the challenge. 

There is certainly a creative mind behind this Warhound

TOC: So far, it's definitely conveying its God-Engine status by crushing something it deems an enemy underfoot. Is it an homage to a regular opponent of yours or just the beginning of a beautiful story?  

I noticed its sister engine, owned by Grayson, the Invicti Magnus, is listed as its Battle Maniple brethren. And how did this situation come about where two people created this Warhound Hunting Pack together? 

Brandon: I'm a huge Salamander fan. Have been for many years. Currently all my basing that includes defeated marine bits have them painted as Death Guard. The polar opposites of Salamanders.  

Grayson was a big factor in talking me into taking the monetary plunge finally. He had just ordered his torso and we got to thing led to another and I bought a Titan. Our talks began simply enough. The words 'sister engines' were used. Add in the fact I was ordering right after him, we were hoping our certificate numbers would be sequential. Then we got the idea of twin sister engines..... they have the same weapon loadouts, but will be on opposite sides. We will each have a shin guard with an eagle, again on opposite sides.  

Legion choice went to Grayson. He'd already bought the transfers and I liked the story we worked up too much to try to persuade him to another. Although we still like the twin sister engine idea, we might lighten it up a little. Especially in regards to paint scheme. Apparently it seems Forge World doesn't send out Warhounds in any particular number order. I seriously doubt there were that many sold in the 48 hours between my purchase and his. 

TOC: So we can expect to see the base in terms of Salamanders and Death Guard. Does this mean we can expect to hear of your Titan Walks being side-by-side affairs, or that one of you will pilot both Titans at once? 

Brandon: As of right now, I'm not sure if I'll be adding any Salamander aspects to it. I think I might add in something, an honor marking of some sort, to it to tie it in with my collection of Salamanders. I have been thinking of adding in a removable section of the base for a dreadnaught and maybe a few marines, to be walking amidst the rubble below her.  

For games, our inaugural Titan walk is planned to be together against a friend's Dark Mechanicum and his Reaver Titan. I don't know how often I'll personally be able to field her, but more than happy to allow Grayson to pilot her and her sister to victory in my stead. 

TOC: Those Titans seem to indicate a strong bond of friendship in their own right. Do you find that Titan ownership helps you to expand your own personal hobby community and help build friendships and stronger hobby ties? 

Brandon: Currently, it's definitely building a stronger friendship and hobby tie with Grayson. I'm currently not able to schedule much, if any, time to get out and actively participate in the gaming aspect of the hobby. Grayson keeps me entertained, inspired, and interested. Working on Titans together has been a great boost, I think, for both of us.  

So, yes. Owning a Titan has helped me find more like-minded people and expanding my personal hobby community. I've found Titan owners are more involved with the hobby and fluff aspects of the universe, over that of gaming and winning. Not that we aren't into gaming or winning of course, but it seems, for us, it's more of an added bonus of having our Titans. Not the reason for our Titans. 

TOC: Out of curiosity, how would you say that they are more involved? 

Brandon: Titans are more than just a monetary investment. They are an investment of our time and love of the universe that is 30k/40k. The monetary aspect is a large hurdle to get over. Something that we aren't going to do lightly without giving the models the respect and devotion they deserve. The pride we have going into them. Building, painting, gaming, creating the story for who or God-Engines are. Why they are battling certain foes, how they got their names, who've they served beside. All things that get done with other armies, just to a greater extent it seems. 

TOC: Truly spoken. And speaking of names, what inspired the name of your Titan, and what does it mean? 

Brandon: I'm really bad with naming characters, let alone thinking of a name in Latin..... If it were up to me, everything would be named Bob. You can spell it forwards and backwards! So ready to remember! Grayson and I have another mutual friend, Seth. Seth is good at coming up with Latin names. He named both of our Titans and our princeps 

Multa Nimis essentially works out to, as I like to see it, "Unfinished Work." My princepsProdigus Sollers, works out to "clever spender." So basically, he was using our personalities to name them. Basically, I'm "clever spender of unfinished tasks." He actually captured me perfectly and the names sounded cool too! I'm still laughing over it. 

TOC: Your Titan will very much reflect you then. And fluff seems integral to your Titan as well. What will often be protecting your Warhound, since they are known to need support, and also help against ground troops? 

Brandon: Well, after buying the Titan, I realized I was going to need support. So, I've accumulated a few Knights! The Forge World Lucius actually has 2 attending Knight households. I'll be fielding a force from one of the households. Being Mechanicum allied, it's going to be more mechanically inclined visually. 

TOC: Is there anything in addition to the Knights, such as Skitarii or any planned Secutarii? I imagine your Salamanders also will occasionally be there to help. 

Brandon: Eventually I'll be wanting a Secutarii force. But it's going to have to wait for a while. Not only for the models, but because I can't justify another resin army just yet! 

I've always wanted a strong Mechanicum force to go along with my Salamanders. I just haven't found exactly what our how I wanted to do it until I got the Titan. Now it's going to be themed Titan force with supporting Knight household. 

TOC: That sounds wonderful. What do you ultimately plan to get your Titan force up to? A full Maniple with Warlord, or something else? 

Brandon: In an ideal, perfect, no-money-problem dreamland? 4 Warhounds, 2 Reavers and a Warlord! I dream of playing Adeptus Titanticus at the scale the models give. It's a total pipe dream, but it would be so cool! Realistically, I hope to add another Warhound eventually, at the least. And much as I want a Warlord, its cost, both in monetary value and time devotion, is prohibitive right now. Maybe eventually, but it's going to have to wait. 

TOC: Sounds like a long-term goal that is worthy. One more question for you. Are there any shoutouts, challenges, or kind words you wish to give your fellow Titan owners? 

Brandon: The dream is really obtainable! TOC has inspired and motivated me with every post and update I read. The amount of love that goes into our God-Engines is incredible. It's truly wonderful being a part of such a group of like-minded hobby enthusiasts! Thank you! 

TOC: Thank you for your time today. It was a pleasure to interview you. 

Brandon: Thank you sir! I have enjoyed it myself. I look forward to the end result and being able to show further updates. Can't wait to read further interviews from other owners too.  


  1. This was a fun interview to do. Quite infectious and there is a lot of joy behind Brandon's processes and motivations in the hobby. And the bond between Titan and owner is very evident here, as well as watching a bond of friendship strengthened over the Titans they have (Brandon and Grayson).

  2. I am looking forward to seeing both Brandon and Grayson's engine finished - love the base work on both of them. Also would like to see Multa Nimis with her escort after she is done! I tend to agree that most of the folks who wind up doing a Titan aren't doing it for tabletop supremacy (Warhounds at least, are actually pretty fragile and points inefficient as far as I can tell!) and are more doing it as a labor of love. Definitely from the work I have seen here, Brandon's included, the folks who model these machines spend a LOT of time and effort on them!

    Side note - I wonder if Forge World casts a few Warhounds whenever they get a chance or "in advance", so to speak, then prints up the cert and stocks the whole thing? Then, when an order comes in someone pulls one out of stock and sends it off? That might account for the discrepancy in cert numbers. Out of curiosity, Brandon - Multa Nimis is 4283, right? My Sussuri Mortem is 4286. Pretty close! My order was placed on 2/19/16. I'd be curious to see how close this is to your order date!

    1. My engine was requisitioned on 2-21-16.
      More than likely, they make batches of them and pull them randomly for orders. Grayson's was only a week prior and over 100 difference in certificate Number.

      Grayson and I are currently looking to have our maiden walk for both engines by the end of June..... we'll see how well I can live up to this. I am going into a 4 day weekend. I wonder if my wife will actually allow me any hobby time.

    2. Yep that's gotta be it then. Good luck on being ready for the end of June! I'm sure you will get *some* time, but probably not as much as you would like -at least, that's how it generally goes for me!

    3. I'd love the chance to post a Titan Walk article for the day! :) And very good catch, Dan. Funny thing is in the past I kept confusing your Warhound with Grayson's BECAUSE of that certificate deal. All three of you though have Warhounds that are coming along quite well.