Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Update Reaver No1420- Mortis Vindictum, 24/5/16

News from Dazza came in to us at TOC about the status of Mortis Vindictum, and not only has the Titan been updated, but it had its first Walk!

We'll be featuring Mortis Vindictum's first Walk in the next week or two so you can see how it played out.  


Here are some long overdue pics of the current state of Mortis Vindictum.

I had a 7,500 point game against a mate's Eldar over the Easter long weekend and there's a few pics from that too. I destroyed his Phantom in two turns however he just edged it at the end of the game. It was great fun and complete carnage. Mortis Vindictum ultimately fell, with an avatar taking heaps of hull points off in combat. Mortis Vindictum got his revenge on the Avatar with a well placed stomp!"


Very good iconography and homage paid to the certificate number.

Mortis Vindictum standing proud and ready for her first walk.

Surveying the battlefield.

A duel of battlefield gods in the making.

We're eagerly awaiting more progress on Mortis Vindictum and the Titan definitely seems to be nearing completion. - TOC

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  1. Love the knee plate and the Metalican hammer!