Friday, 1 July 2016

Update Warhound No4283- Multa Nimis, 1-7-16

Brandon sent us some progress on his Legio Astorum Warhound, Multa Nimis.  Here's how it's been going for him:

"The base finally completed! That was a lot of cork.....
The torso to and bottom got a series of small magnets added. These allow the torso to ratchet around into different facings and gives it a stronger bond over all. 

I'm attempting to use the techniques laid out in the Forge World Horus Heresy Masterclass from the Knight Styrix. Blue, rather than red though. This is also going to be a very big learning experience for me. I've never used an airbrush before! 

I'm really happy with the blue! So many thin coats, but well worth it. I'm very happy with how the airbrush is working. So smooth. So fast! And I've never had a white or yellow go on so easily, so smoothly. Very happy worth the head so far. Going with a brass/ gold trim for contrast. Love how it's looking. 

Maiden walk is scheduled for the 9th of July! (Good luck- TOC)"


Setting up the base quite nicely.  Very war torn.

The magnets added for structural stability.

Priming and base colors down.

Preshading done.

Beginning the blue work.

Continuing to come along.

Working on the trim while the weapons full set into place.

Very beautiful start to the head.  The rich yellow befits the Legio's usual head style.

Adding more detail as the process comes along.

She's really shaping up.  Keep up the good work. - TOC


  1. A lot of great progress being made. And her first walk is coming up soon, too. That will be a treat.

  2. Looking AMAZING man! Thank you for sharing so many of the WIP pics - it really helps make your process clear and your results are first rate!

    1. Thank you! I'm proud of it so far!
      Learning soooo much. Trying not to get carried away. Less is more sometimes!

  3. Great work on the pre shading, what colours did you use for the head? I may need to copy it for my Warlord. Lovely looking engine

    1. Actually very simple. I'm surprised it was so easy....
      On a black primer, covered again with
      VGA dead white. Base yellow of thinned GW Yriel yellow. Preshade with VMC transparent orange. Cover spray of thinned VMC transparent yellow.
      All applied with airbrush.

    2. Thank you, I will try something similar with the FW paints I have, failing that I'll branch out and get some VGA and VMC. I will practise on an allied Imperial Knight first so see if it matches what I envisage. I have Phalanx Yellow FW Air and Sigsmund FW Clear Air and some Angron Red FW Clear Air for pre shading, we'll see how that pans out ;) Thanks.