Friday, 5 August 2016

Community Question: How do you display your Titan

Hi all. 

Tonight I am throwing a community question up and would dearly like our members to send in some content for this. 

Basically put; Titans are huge. They are glorious centrepieces for any collection and I would love to know or see how you showcase these Gods of War in your homes. Instead of everyone throwing comments beneath, I would like you to send an email with a pic or several of your completed Titan/s in it's case, on it's shelf, or even on your bedside table (you can summary it below in the comments too if you wish). 

Send an email to with the subject "Display [Titan name]" and put a little bit of text in about why you decided or have to showcase your engine in such a way. I am also interested in the cost or manufacturer of display cabinets. 

A post will follow in a couple of weeks of our findings!

Thanks all. 

Drake & Shadow

Titan Owners Club


  1. On the head, IKEA display for Reavers and Warhounds, but Warlord will need a custom job I reckon...

  2. The selves on the ikea unit are very flimsy. It will take a warhound by a reaver is too heavy to be safe. The reaver would have to go on the base (chip board laminate) instead. A warlord needs either a custom cabinet or a commercial display unit.