Saturday, 6 August 2016

Walk After-Action Report- Glory Rekindled, MRT1843





Word of the Omnissiah reaches to you today Princeps.  See files uploaded to the noosphere from Princeps Nic and recent combat.  Learn from the attached feeds.  Begin personal inload.


It's been a bad week for the Explorator fleet.

A quantum singularity occurrence in warp travel saw the Fleet's Titans flickering between historic battles fought by their forbears on Golgotha and during the 'Months of Shame' after Armageddon 1.

The tech priest in charge of Gellar fluctuation incantations has been suitable chastised and, in honour of the fleet's dreamlike experience of these holy events, he has been granted the clemency of replacing the Apocalypse Missile Launcher Servitor serving Glory Rekindled. Ave Deus Mechanicus!

New servitor.

Two catastrophic games on last Thursday and Saturday.

On Thursday, Glory Rekindled, Corona Muralis and a handful of Baneblade tanks faced down a clutch of Stompas.. - but Ghazkull's cunning negated the range advantage of our forces, and the vehicles were all bested, Yarrick disappearing after the battle to unknown whereabouts...

Audax getting involved in Armageddon by poor luck.

A truly embarrassing 3 turn game.

To make matters worse, instead of my Titan wielding opponent who I was expecting to play on Saturday, I instead had a random pair up with a drop pod/deep strike assault Space Wolf list - a scary one at that too! First turn, most of the escorts were dead and the Warhound was in a bad way on one third of its hull points. Second turn, there was hardly an Adeptus Mechanicus model left on the board...

Despite a valiant attempt to salvage some honour, I again lost on turn three and had both Titans down on turn 2. 

The Legio faces a hard and fast assault.

A rotten turn of luck, but the God Machines are strong and are ready once again to rain some fire down and destroy the enemies of Stygies VIII!


Thanks for letting us know how your walk went.  Sorry about the bad luck.  The Omnissiah will help you make them pay next time. - TOC


  1. Shiny model syndrome, it wasn't your fault, just fact. New models however awesome will die on the first outing. My Warhound was the same, died to a drop pod assaulting Dreadnought.

  2. Sorry about the bad luck! Better than my first walk - I made the decision to leave the Titan in reserve. Looking back on it, my opponent and I both agree it was a really wise strategic decision, but it backfired tactically in a horrible way. Unfortunately, the reserve gods did not favor me, and with a full third of my army out points-wise, I was tabled in turn three with the 'hound never making it on the board!