Thursday, 18 August 2016

Reaver Titan No1915 - Rex Submersi, Legio Mortis

Certificate Number: 1915
Name: Rex Submersi
Pattern: Mars Pattern Reaver
Primary Armament: Apocalypse Launcher, Laser Blaster, Chainfist - will be magnetized and swappable but the other weapons are TBD
Princeps: Classified
Titan Legio: Legio Mortis
Battle Maniple Composition: Warhound 4286

Owner:  Dan S.
Location: Illinois, USA

Comments:  The weapons arrived along with a Special Event Princeps Majoris model that I spent too much on and might try to carve up so I can get him in a sitting position in the extra throne.  He's amazing - half his face is burnt off and he's got an augmetic claw on the same side his face was wounded so you know something rocked his cockpit but he's still around.  

I've been thinking about trying an amniotic tank as well, but I'm not 100% sure how I'd do it yet.



Quite the lovely banner, befitting both the Legio and the rich history expected of such an engine.

The knee plates continue to tell the story as well as to draw the eye and break up the colors.

Very lovely carapace work and carapace weapon conversion.

Purity seals adorn her as the magos tries to do the technocism but maintain the heraldry of a traitorous Legio.  Dan's previously done Warhound and interview explain that story.

The magnetized weapons come into their own, as you can see here.  And each gun has a special paint scheme and decals, showing the love that has been thrown into this engine.

A fine tally of kills belongs to this Volcano Cannon.

A fearsome aspect hangs about Rex Submersi.

The Apocalypse missile launcher looks great and the rich red that Dan imparts on his Titans works quite well with it.

The God-Engine stands ready for war.


A lovely family photo.

Rex Submersi awaits to find all others wanting.

Sussuri Mortem and the Secutarii are ready to fight.

The hoplite alpha is ready to lead the charge.

While the peltasts are preparing to make the long-range kill.


The wonderful piles of resin

Bath time!

A weapon worthy of a Titan.

The build is coming along quite well.

The Princeps is preparing for his Walk.

(Great start! - TOC)


A very lovely scheme is coming together.

A carapace weapon conversion is in the works.

A lot of work going on with all of the parts of the Titan.

The carapace is coming along quite nicely and looks very sharp so far.


  1. Any suggestions on how you made your banner?

    1. Matt, Dan has given us the files for the banner so that you can recreate one of your own. We are currently working on a hosting solution so that you can access those files. Once we have something, that will be a completely fresh article for you guys to pour over.

  2. Hey Matt! I'm glad you like the banner. A friend of mine put together a photoshop file that you could use to do your own customizations (name of god-engine, number of swords etc) the only thing is it is a HUGE file. So it's hard to figure out how to host it. I've been working with shadow and my bud who is a photoshop master to try to figure out how to get the size of the file down or if it might be possible to create other templates for other Legios, but the process has taken longer than I thought it would. If you are still interested let me know and I'll step up my game.