Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Update Warlord No.361 - Sanguisugae Regis, 16-8-16

Mathias recently passed along some progress on his lovely Warlord Titan and the pace has certainly been fast and furious.  Here's what he sent us:


The parts are cleaned and ready to go.

That torso will be very well aligned and fit properly.

The legs are taking shape.

The legs will be stable and the Titan's construction is guarded by the Astartes.

The torso sits nicely on the legs and looks quite stable.

Sanguisugae Regis is starting to take its full form.

The armor panels are coming along quite nicely.

Beautiful and deadly weapons with heat damage done quite well on the barrels.

Keep it coming! - TOC


  1. Very good progress thus far. Should look really good when fully completed.

  2. Man that's starting to look beautiful! I love the colors. That shade of blue/ near teal goes really well with the yellow. The heat staining on the laser barrels is a nice touch.

  3. This looks fantastic! The heat effects are stellar!