Friday, 26 August 2016

Titan Display cases - how the community do it!

Hi all

So we have purchased, assembled and painted our God-Engines. Sometimes there is that realisation of "oh crap . . . I have to move it from my painting desk now . . . " and the inevitable "maybe if I move that lamp and put my engine there she might not notice". 

Well I asked everyone out there in reader-land; how do you display yours, and we received a fair few answers. So here we are:

Siph Horridus - Display of: Honorum, Canis Bellum, Canis Praetor

I have two display cabinets from IKEA for the Titans, one as you can see holds Warhounds Canis Bellum and Canis Praetor and Reaver Honorum, and the other a Necron Army at present... Warlord Dominus Victoria will require either a custom display case or a different type of display. The main reason I chose this cabinet is it is space saving, uses the height to cram in up to four Titans and protects them from dust for the most part.

The Billy Bookcase is also IKEA job, used for the terrain which takes up loads of room otherwise. In the foreground is the games table made from IKEA units and a bed frame...

Agis - Display of: Joluns Modh, Ylgjar Ergi,Uthola.

Currently my titans are displayed in a Ikea Detolf cabinet together with my other mechanicum forces. The cabinet is one of four, the rest holding my armies other armies. The cabinets are a bit full at the moment so I will make a custom cabinet that also can hold larger models in our new hobby room. The display will then be split between "public" and private display (one at the ground floor and one in the hobby room). I am not sure where the titans will end up at the moment as I am adding a warlord to the mix and I think it might be to large for the Detolf.

Dan S - Display of: Sussuri Mortem

So we're planning on buying a place this year or next (one of the reasons that a warlord will probably have to wait) but at the moment we are in a tiny little apartment.  So I don't get much room to display models - I kind of took over the shelf where my wife had some vases and and whatnot.  This was originally somewhere to put models when they were still being worked on as I don't have a dedicated work table - I would just close the laptop on the table next to this bookshelf up and work there, and in between painting / building sessions I would put stuff in progress up on this shelf.  When I am done usually it goes into the foam.  The Titan was too big to get packed up, the knight fits but it puts stress on the model, and I just finished the dune crawler - so that's what's there at the moment (along with a leftover kastellan hand I apparently never cleaned up).

`Drake Seta - Display: Bone Garland.

Currently I am perching Bone Garland as Nathaniel's sentinel whilst he sleeps (with the aid of the mechanicum's finest baby monitoring tech. I should be getting into my new home in middle of September where I am planning to build a bespoke cabinet (similar to a kitchen cabinet) to house the big guy. Until then, regular airbrush dusting and keeping the little one from tackling the Lord of War is an ongoing struggle.

Tagsta - Display: Ignis Dominus

Bought a showcase for my engines. The large Ikea one is the only one that fits a warlord. The LED panels are really worth it. Spent about 220 euro overall. 
The warlord is finished except for the plasma annihilator and the banners that I am hoping to wrap up during summer.

Thanks everyone. If you want to share or add yours, please let us know.

Titan Owners Club


  1. So, IKEA wins! Ha ha. I'm thinking of expanding my woodwork skills to build a wall mounted corner unit for the Warlord, failing that, it's another trip to IKEA I think.... They still stock the Detolf cabinets, but the base units under the bed frame are no longer in stock, Traby cabinets they were called.

    Great Baby monitor sentinel you have there Drake!

  2. Tagsta. That cabinet is fantastic! It looks like the best options for Warlords! The pics of the cabinet on their website always make it look smaller than it is.

  3. I've since moved mine. The Whisper, possibly inspired by the summer olympics, took a dive off the bookshelf. No damage, thank goodness (and now I am really glad I spent all that time pinning) but I didn't want to risk another fall, so she's crouching down next to one of the ferns on the floor. I have a feeling the dive might have been helped by overaggressive vacuuming, but I can't confirm.

    Drake can think of the monitor as box transmissions from Bone Garland…I love it :)

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