Saturday, 27 August 2016

Titan Naming Opportunity

Hi All,

For a change, I'm the member who needs help with naming a Titan.  Believe it or not, this Titan purchased from EBay IS a legitimate Lucius Pattern Warhound (Wolf Variant) complete with certificate and parts.  Such a rare ownership opportunity begs for a wonderful name and I wanted some help in naming her.  I have a list of options but I am really having a hard time witling it down and wanted the help of the most passionate Titan owners I know; yep, TOC!

Some quick background as to why these are the options.  This was a $600 investment lovingly allowed by my wife and there was a lot of uncertainty while we waited on it to get here about if it would truly be legitimate or not, one hell of a personal firestorm.  Then we got stuck in the flooding in south Louisiana, USA  because it's where we live (we are both ok and her vehicle has been fixed).  Another massive storm.  We dodged the bullet by grace and were really lucky and I was able to keep the Titan.  As you can see, this thing is pretty much storm born which is what really created the desire to see the Titan named around storms and the luck we had with the flooding.  To that end, the names below are what I and a friend have come up with.  I'm hoping to get the votes, take the top three names, and pick from those the one that I like best.  Hit up the comments with you favorite name (or top two favorites) and after about a week or so, I'll get things tallied up. 

Thanks in advance guys.

Fellow Titan Lover,

Storm Born- Natus Est Tempestas
Child of the Storm- Puer Autem Tempestas
Storm of Vengeance- Tempestatem in Vindictam
Wrath Storm- Ira Tempestas
Primal Fury- Prima Indignatio
Spartan Storm- Tempestatem Lacedaemoniorum
Furious Storm- Procellosa Tempestas
Tempest Lord- Factus Est Dominus
Emperor’s Luck- Augusti Fortuna


  1. Sweet find, in so many ways! Emperor's Luck sounds great by the look of things!

  2. What about Omnis Moriar.
    The Calm before the Storm?

  3. I like the sound of Tempestatem in Vindictum. Sounds completely epic.

  4. Wolfy mcwolfface?

    I'll go with Emperor's Luck for my real vote. I love tempest Lord, but it would suit a warlord better.

    1. I agree with you on Tempest Lord being more Warlord-esque. That was one of my personal ideas and even at the time it sounded great but too grandiose for a Warhound. I kept it in the list just because.

  5. Read this post last night - I'm really glad you are ok for starters. What a find! After thinking it over a bit, and trying to combine the two concepts (everything I came up with sounded like something a WW2 pilot might call his plane - Lucky Lightning etc - I'll spare you) I'm going to go with Emperor's Luck as well - hopefully it brings you lots of 6s on your D table, and if not, then at least you can have a giggle at the irony.

  6. Glad everything is drying up and ya'll pulled through. I know recovery can take awhile so good luck. I think you hit it on the head with Storm Born.

  7. I like Emperor's Luck and Storm Born the best.

    I too am happy it's on the up for you.

  8. Yep, I like Storm Born as well, but suspicious of the translation though. My Latin is super rusty (not that 40k canon always uses proper Latin) but I would go more for something like Natus Tempestate or Ex Tempestate. Natus a Tempestate would probably be a bit more proper, but I think it sounds cooler dropping the a. Ex Tempestate is more literally translated as "from the storm" but I think it sounds cool :)

    I don't know where Google Translate is coming up with Maria - to me this is more like "the sea" or "the ocean" - with modern cognates marine, mariner, etc.

    So I like Storm Born as well, but I'd say if you are going to do the high gothic thing, you'd probably want to have a second look at the translation!

    It's hard to pick, honestly - all the names are pretty damn cool :)

    1. Thanks Dan. I can assure you that I'm also eyeballing the translation it gave me. When I go to get the name finalized I'll be rechecking a lot of things. Maria is actually mother if memory serves me correctly, which is why my eyebrows went up when I saw it. But Latin itself ain't easy to deal with. Thanks for the vote. :)

    2. Drake and I tag-teamed it and found better translations for Storm Born and Child of the Storm that make a TON more sense and more along the lines of what I expected. He typed in the same stuff I did, using the same service, but got different translations. From now on, I'm bugging him for Latin. Still though, thanks for the suggestions and the vote.

    3. Nice! I don't know if you are using Google Translate - honestly it's pretty amazing but it does get stuff wrong, especially idiomatic language or odd turns of phrase - something like Storm Born where Born is usually an adjective but is being used as a proper noun for example.

      At one point for the warhound I was thinking about Crimson Truth, but I didn't like the way the word for Red sounded - rufus - so I kept poking around and it gave me Vermiculus Veritate I think. And I liked the way it sounded but I couldn't really think of any cognates aside from vermillion, so I got a little suspicious. Turns out to
      mean worm, specifically little worm. So as amazing as it is, I would always say use with caution.

      If you are using something else please do let me know! I'm always looking for resources like this. I had a few years of Latin in high school, but that was a looooooong time ago and I've forgotten almost everything!

      I think you've got it narrowed down at least!

    4. Google Translate.

      Oddly, Drake and I get different results from the same source. But a lot of factors could be involved. We got new translations where needed though and the votes keep coming.

  9. Thanks to everyone that has voted so far and has been a help in this process. Keep them coming!!

  10. Storm Born gets my vote. Or Canis Tempestas since it's a Hound.

    1. Storm Dog. Just, awesome. Thanks for tossing out an alternative.