Thursday, 4 August 2016

Update Warhound No.4608 - Aedifex Perditae, 4-8-16

Great news reached us as Alek has informed us that his mighty Warhound Titan, Aedifex Perditae, has reach the completed stage.  Congratulations!


Just wanted to send in some new photos of Warhound 4608- the Aedifex Perditae. She’s all done now, and I’m really excited to show her off to the world.

Some highlights of the project:
1) Getting a response from Dave Taylor on how he did his Legio Crucius transfers.
2) Adding the transfers- I (Somehow) managed to make the “Crucius" out of multiple transfers, while dealing with a broken hand, and the insignia on her right side and head are some of my favorite pieces.
3) Making the base, the first custom one I’ve ever done.

She has been one of my favorite projects to date, and made me really challenge myself as a hobbyist, which made seeing her all finished all the more rewarding. That said, I can feel the need for a sister-engine growing… 

Some Titan combat on the site would be amazing…. although I sympathize with the foe that has to face Drake’s titans- I don’t know if I could even try to take any of those beautifully painted Engines down, let alone four of them.

Thanks again for all the work you guys have done,



Standing tall and ready for war.

The Princeps' iconography takes point of pride on the Titan's flank.

The Titan's allegiances are quite clear.

Great work on your Titan. And greater news on a sister engine being thought of. - TOC


  1. Engine looks great! I understand the pain of making a Legio logo out of multiple transfers, I made my Glacius script from a combination of Armageddon and Lucius, it was a bit nerve wrecking to make sure they lined up as well as I wanted them too.

  2. I'm going to have to go back and look at that Jonathan! I did the name Sussuri Mortem out of multiple Mortis transfers (can't remember which ones now except for Sotha, Mortis and Mortmain - I think I pillaged Ferrum Mori for the e) and they are ever so slightly out of line in one place and it bugs the hell out of me. I can't IMAGINE trying to do it with a broken hand. Engine looks good and love the name!

  3. The Legio has a pretty simple scheme to run with but you've done quite the amazing job with it. Your decal work is pretty impressive as well. Very well executed and the white in particular has been done quite well. Congratulations.