Monday, 1 August 2016

Update Reaver No1843- Glory Rekindled, 1-8-16

Nic recently sent us some information on his Legio Audax Reaver, Glory Rekindled.  He also sent in some pictures for us to share.

"Hey Guys,

Glory Rekindled has taken its first steps after leaving the Macro-Forges of the Explorator Fleet.  A Titan Class engagement has already been identified and the fleet is en route to intercept. Likely first 'walk' will be 09 July 16 (We have received info on this walk and will post it in time- TOC), facing off against an unknown Reaver and Warhound pair serving alongside some form of blue radical space marines...

I'll send you some shots when It comes, as well as probably some more photos of the Engine completed.




This is what it looks like to stare down a Reaver Titan.

The Titans are enough to shatter an entire base with ease.

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  1. I love the chains hanging from the shoulder guards / pauldrons! I may do something similar - any tips or tricks you found when you constructed those?