Monday, 14 November 2016

Warhound Titan No.4535- Frigora Mordent (Frostbite), Legio Glacius

Certificate number: 4535
Titan Name: Frigora Mordent (Frostbite)
Pattern: Mars pattern, Hyena configuration 
Primary Armament: Plasma blastgun, Inferno cannon
Princeps: Possessed by unknown Tzeentch daemon
Titan Legio: Legio Glacius
Battle Maniple Composition: Reaver 1812, Renegade Knight

Owner: Jonathan F.
Location: Kentucky, USA

New project just started, will be painted in a similar pattern to my Reaver and will hopefully be joined by a sister Warhound next year. More to come soon!

Legio fluff here:



Very lovely detail all around.  The decals add extra life to her.

Very simple basing to keep her stable but not take away from her look.

A terrifying weapon that will be the bane of many infantry forces.

Very sharp decal work.

The head has been supremely done and it makes her all the more menacing.

You can imagine the bone work being cleaned by melting ice, so cold is the Titan's feel.

Very well done internals.

Most Titans put off heat, Frigora Mordent is clearly a chill puppy.

Belligerent probably doesn't do justice to describing her pose.  Very well done.

Congratulations on completing the journey.


The legs have been built and look to have a stable pose going.

The cold steel (pun intended) of this Glacius engine has gone on really well.


A very lovely gradient, and this seems to be quite the cold Titan, her icy step "gracing" worlds.

Very lovely armor plate work and the golds stand our really well without being overpowering.

A very smooth paint job and well done golds that shine and aren't gaudy.


The lovely pose shines further with the paint applied and the trim is very sharp and well done.

It would seem Frigora Mordent's energy banks put off quite the chill through Tzeentch's influence.

Work begins on the carapace and Jonathan's previously shown off excellent gradients continue.

The head carapace is quite lovely, and it helps to draw the corrupted nature of the Titan out and gives the eyes a sense of extra malevolence.

Quite lovely work- TOC


  1. Awesome man! Another engine to join Imperio Cruentissiumus! Love your ideas - I'd like to see some of your Dark Mechanicum dudes too.

    I should mention I love the pose here and it looks REALLY solid even with no base! Looking forward to updates!

    1. Thanks so much for the support! I actually entered Cruentissimus and his support of Skitarii and Renegade knights in my local GW store's Armies on Parade. I was lucky enough to gain sufficient admirers to take first place which was really thrilling for me. We had a professional photographer at the event who took tons of pics of the displays, using backdrops for each board. Those pics are supposed to eventually be sent to each participant and I would love to share them with the TOC when they finally come available.

    2. Yes, you have to! Awesome!