Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Update Warlord No241- Helios Iapetus, 15-11-16

BigJon recently had some great news to share with TOC as Helios Iapetus has now officially been declared as completed (though as ever, things can change and grow on such lovely models):

"I don't think you are truly done with a model of such size and grace but you have to be 'finished' at some point.

I now declare Helios Iapetus of Legion Tempestus fully operational and ready for a proper engine walk.

I still have some decals work, if FW puts out decals. My second head, a scenic base, additional weapons for Christmas and some weathering and clear coat."


The Princeps looks like he means business in there.

Very lovely name scroll and location.

Lovely work on the rear and the door hatch looks very sharp.

Very sharp job and the lighting and heat damage on the weapons is phenomenal.

The death dealer is certainly ready for war.

That sums it up quite well.

Congratulations to BigJon for completing his Warlord and we look forward to hearing about Helios Iapetus' exploits in the future.


  1. Dude this is phenomenal. I love the Princeps and the tech priest. This gives me some ideas on heat blooms too - I tried doing these on my reaver and they just didn't turn out. I may try again and keep it to blue and purple instead of fading all the way to yellow because I love the way you've done it here.

    One other question - and maybe I should just go to your blog - what do you do to get the check marks so clean? I figure you must have masked but can you tell me what you used? When I try to mask things that small it seems like it never turns out.

    Really awesome engine. Love the shield! Beautiful work sir!

  2. Absolutely amazing work, so inspiring!

  3. Thanks all. It was a labor of love. I hope to one day do another Warlord.

    @Dan; I used fallout hobbies checkers and masked it. I had to use tweeters and lots of gin ;) For the heat blooms I used Minitaire Ghost tints, blues, greens and purples. I think I do have all of that in my blog somewhere. I used the same method on my Reaver, I'll have a group shot soon.

    1. Oooo I was looking at those checks! I'll have a look at your blog!

      I did a heat bloom on my warhound and it worked, I think with the reaver the weapons were so big that when I scaled up it just came out kinda rainbowy and looked odd. I think if I try it again I'll stick with the darker colors the way you have here. Thanks for letting me know how you accomplished this! It looks farging awesome!

  4. My jaw has rug burn! Just phenomenal all around, man. That Princeps is boss!

  5. Stunning engine and great scheme. Loving the Heraldry and chequers especially.

  6. Great work BigJon, I love the meme too!