Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Titans Dominate March 2017

When Titans take the stage, they take it in a big way.  And a sneak peak from Black Library reveals that March will be the month of the Titans.  We already knew that The Binary Succession was going to be a 2017 splash, but no one could have expected it to come alongside two Blood Angels books (Dante, and Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius), a release of Titanicus as a Limited Edition book, and the re-release of the Titan graphic novel.  Prepare your wallets, because they are likely to scream in a few months.

**Of note, The Binary Succession is not a printed book, but instead is an audio drama (as denoted by the square icon it bears instead of a rectangle) that focuses on Fabricator Kane and some quite drastic measures.

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What say you, our fellow Princeps?  Are you excited about the releases?  


  1. Freaking yes!!!! I'm buying all of it! (Well, maybe not all at once lol)

  2. Not excited by the releases per se, but given the greater cooperation within GW (FW seem to have be 'asked' to hold off on inferno until BoP was released, I reckon that AT is a march release.

  3. Three of the books and the audio are definitely on my radar. I already happen to have Titanicus, so I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do about that. But I do agree that it heralds the possibility of AT. We'll let you know if we hear anything further, or link to the others when we get the chance.

    Of the Titan related stories, the graphic novel has my attention most as I've heard of it and a few details during my time in the hobby, but have never had the chance to get my little paws on it and dig in.

  4. I do want to know more about the Binary Succession.... Forgive me for asking but I can't parse the acronym... What does AT stand for? Adeptus Titanicus rerelease? That would be sweet.