Friday, 2 December 2016

Update Reaver No.1915- Rex Submersi, 2-12-16

Exciting news from Dan about his Reaver:

"Hey guys,

Like BigJohn said, at a certain point you have to be done even if you aren't done.  I need to clear coat it.  I will probably still do a kill banner, and I am definitely going to do one more conversion (Plasma Blastgun for carapace weapon).  I might get the courage to do a little more weathering - and try heat blooms on the laser weapons again.  But, the engine is pretty much done, and I will probably begin moving on to other projects.

For those of you who are interested, the banner is made from cardstock, a bit of sprue, and a couple of eagle heads from the Knight kit.  The banner itself is fully templated in Photoshop, and if we get some people who are interested, I think Shadow will consider hosting the file (Nothing confirmed, but it is possible - Shadow). You can change the name, the small text, the size and color of the swords, the number of skull "kill marks" - pretty much everything.  My banner, so small it is illegible, says this in High Gothic:

From Mars comes this Reaver, from fire and war.  This engine has preserved the Mechanicum with focused light and heat of suns.  During the Fall, this machine held the Forge of Olympus Mons against the tide of cy-carnivora, mutants, and the Silica Animus which created these atrocities oflesh and metal.  The hordes chanted: Drown the Lord!  Drown the Lord of Iron and Death!  Suffocate him, submerge him so that we may live on.  Kill the damned King and live on!

They attacked the gates of the Fabricator General at the Temple of the Frictionless Piston, but this engine stood firm against them and drove them back, exterminating them to the last.  Yet, they were prescient; a thousand years later this engine fought in the blockade of the Uhn worlds.  Its carrier ship was shot down over the oceans of planet Aegaeon.  We are blessed for we found this machine therein after three times one thousand years.  Now reborn, the Drowned King rises, restored from the waters of death.

Thus do we invoke the Omnisiah.
Thus do we repair that which was sundered.

I hope you guys like these pics. This project has been amazing - an even bigger job than the warhound!

Explorator Covenant Karnek Rho 37 continues to unearth engines amidst the destroyed worlds of the Uhn holdfast.  At the direction of Archmagos Karnek, the search for additional God-engines continues.  Magos Lacrymae Octavian Razov orders his Secularis work teams to begin the next dig, while Data Predator Sabina Dragunov conducts the rites of Texorcism again and again on the Drowned King.

Auspex readings indicate a still larger engine buried deep in the Macrotek Silos underneath Uhn Prime...something larger than any engine yet unearthed, perhaps with a dangerously self aware and bloodthirsty anima....


Quite the lovely banner, befitting both the Legio and the rich history expected of such an engine.

The knee plates continue to tell the story as well as to draw the eye and break up the colors.

Very lovely carapace work and carapace weapon conversion.

Purity seals adorn her as the magos tries to do the technocism but maintain the heraldry of a traitorous Legio.  Dan's previously done Warhound and interview explain that story.

The magnetized weapons come into their own, as you can see here.  And each gun has a special paint scheme and decals, showing the love that has been thrown into this engine.

A fine tally of kills belongs to this Volcano Cannon.

A fearsome aspect hangs about Rex Submersi.

The Apocalypse missile launcher looks great and the rich red that Dan imparts on his Titans works quite well with it.

The God-Engine stands ready for war.


  1. Very Beautiful Engine, well done mate. Really love the reds and clear crisp icons and splattering of Purity Seals. Great job

    1. Thank you, Siph! I kind of want a warlord, but honest to goodness the Reaver model is amazing, isn't it? I used your Astorum engines as reference points as they are absolutely beautiful, and wound up tracking down some Mortis warhound commission work by Richard Gray. Jaw dropping stuff! I'm glad you like Rex, I am pretty happy with this one, but I feel I do have some work to do after I improve my weathering skills!

  2. Great job Dan, lovely colours, very vivid. I'm glad you got the Titan number in it!

    1. Thank you Col. Hertford! I actually looked at Bellator Ferrum a lot while building this - I think the weathering on that engine is superb - but in the end I'm not quite brave enough to try it yet. I've got a Rhino I'm going to try stuff out on - I'll be by your blog quite a lot I expect!

      I think I got the cert number idea from Bellator as well - I might be misremembering but that's what I recall. It's a really nice subtle way to pay homage to the certificates at any rate!

      Thanks again man, I'm glad you like Rex! Means a lot to me!

  3. Everything about this Reaver is absolutely majestic. Your reds are so majestic and each weapon arm really gives an aura of history and personality, I love it. Side note, you have really made me want to get a Volcano cannon for Cruentissimus, the one here just looks so intimidating.

    1. Thanks man! I had a lot of fun doing it. I hadn't seen too many volcano cannons or chainfists so I wanted to give them both a try. The one thing about that is it makes magnetizing a huge headache because the way the pieces connect to the arm is different - honestly I don't like the way FW made the power and chainfist for the Reaver. There isn't much to glue together. I wound up using the volcano cannon arm, sawing that in two and putting a magnet on the top bit right where it comes out of the socket, then drilling out the chainfist with a dremmel and sinking the magnet a few centimeters inside of it. As a result the chainfist doesn't quite sit flush against the socket but it's close enough for government work. It left the volcano cannon at an awkward angle at first though so I had to do some greenstuff work. My greenstuff skills are terrible, hence the chain wrapped around the arm (it hides fingerprints, haha).

      Anyway probably that's more than you wanted to know. Blah blah blah :). Thanks so much, I am glad you like this engine!