Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Update Warhound No.4535- Frigora Mordent, 30-11-16

Jonathan sent us some updates on the lovely and cold Warhound he's been working on:

"Lots of work this weekend and obviously a lot of work to go."


The lovely pose shines further with the paint applied and the trim is very sharp and well done.

It would seem Frigora Mordent's energy banks put off quite the chill through Tzeentch's influence.

Work begins on the carapace and Jonathan's previously shown off excellent gradients continue.

The head carapace is quite lovely, and it helps to draw the corrupted nature of the Titan out and gives the eyes a sense of extra malevolence.

Quite lovely work- TOC

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  1. Looking good man! The Eye looks baleful. The head carapace on the Chaos Warhounds looks like a real challenge to me. When done poorly they it really takes the model down a notch, and it's hard to get something that works without looking like a clump of butt as far as I can tell. Personally I don't blame the painter so much as I just think it was a weird design choice for the sculptor, but I think you pulled this off pretty nicely here - the gold blends into the metalwork around the eyes, and the eyes themselves are awesome, love the red!