Monday, 5 December 2016

Update Warhound No.4232- Novacula Occulta, 5-12-16

Word recently trickled in on an update to the lovely Warhound, Novacula Occulta, from her owner, jabberjabber:

"Hi Titan Owners Club,

A long overdue update on Novacula Occulta! The structure has long since been completed and the titan has been in the painting stages for a few months now (on and off due to real life pressures).

The first image shows the structure prior to painting being applied and the weapons being attached. The titan is posed crushing a small building.

The second and third images show the initial painting stage of the exterior. Following a black undercoat with the airbrush, several layers of thinned silver were applied in sweeping strokes, aiming for the curved areas to have the highest density of silver applied.

For Legio Perennia, I opted for a green colour scheme and again applied this thinly using the airbrush over the silvered layer.

Using a stencil, I then applied a hexagonal style to half of the titan to suggest a camo scheme and give the titan a bit of a unique appearance.

The edging has been achieved in gold, but I am yet to apply the shading and weathering. The weapons have been painted in subcomponents and were added once the base coating was done along with all the other major armour plating.

The final image shows the titan put together and base coated. The job now is to complete the shading, highlighting, weathering, and other details that need to be applied yet!

Best regards"


The pose is really beginning to take shape here.

The markings are a modified version of the digital camo of modern warfare, but on a Titan scale. 

In full colors and trim, the head unit looks quite lovely.

The Warhound is nearing readiness for war.


  1. That gold trim complements your chosen green really well.

  2. I dig the digital camo, very unique among titans. I also really like the barrels of the turbolaser. it looks like energy is dancing down them.

  3. Looking good man, the hex marks with the green almost look like snakeskin or something. Beautiful work on the pulsing plasma blastgun as well!

  4. Cheers folks! Much appreciated!
    I still need to ink and weather the titan yet, so don't get too attached to the bright gold as I'll be toning them down a little and then re-highlighting soon enough.