Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rumored Upcoming Secutarii Expansion

Natfka recently posted about a potential expansion of the Secutarii forces coming to the Horus Heresy.  As of right now the Secutarii Hoplites and Peltasts are a 40k only force and seeing them come to the Age of Darkness would be heralded with many a cheer.  So, what's being discussed right now?

From Natfka's blog:

HH Weekender 2017
Secutarii are a new branch of the Taghmata army list. Can never have
automata in the detachement; big focus on infantry and transports.
Secutarii Psiloi, fast attack.
Secutarii Hetairoi, elite.
Secutarii Hypaspists, elite.
Secutarii Heleposis, open topped transport (20 capacity).

You can find more information at his blog post here:

What do you think?  And if true, what do you hope to see as part of this expansion?


  1. I would love this to be true, but This rumour seems a bit wishlisting to me. Nothing like this has come from he recent open day via the usual players (battle bunnies for example). FW don't usually have rumours like this.

    1. I'm in agreement that it's coming from a different quarter than we'd expect. I actually showed Drake and asked his opinion on it. It seems like it could be legitimate, but I'm gonna admit to being a bit wary of it myself. I'm hoping it's true though, especially since Secutarii have gotten the shaft in 30k thus far.

  2. I'm putting the finishing touches on my Peltasts now. I'd welcome additional kinds of little dudes.