Tuesday, 18 April 2017

KS0001 - Banner Mourning Orphan, House Morbidia

"The first brave Knight Scion is the Indomitable Sir Gary C.  This is a very well painted trio of Traitor Imperial Knights in the colours of House Morbidia, with excellent basing too! We are looking forward to seeing your Warlord too!" - Titan Owners Club

Banner Name: Banner Mourning Orphan
Seneschal (or leader for Xeno Knights): Seneschal Keyser Sabien 
Knight Seneschal: Knight Errant 'The Mourning Orphan' - Thermal Cannon, Thunderstrike Gauntlet, Meltagun & Stormspear Rocket Pod.
Knight Scion: Knight Magaera 'Charon's Obol' Hekaton Siege Claw & Lightning Cannon.
Knight Scion: Knight Crusader 'The Serpents Offering' Rapid fire battle canon, avenger Gatling gun, stormspear rocket pod.

Knight House: House Morbidia 

Titan Allies: Legio Mortis Warlord (Number 000457)
Owner: Gary C.
Location: Torpoint, Cornwall. 

Comments: House Morbidia stands ready to purge Mars of the Terran loyalist dogs and reclaim Mars for the true Omnissiah.

Remember you too can join the Club with your painted Knight Class walkers by contacting us here (TOCknightscion@gmail.com)


  1. Lovely and good to see up on TOC

  2. It's nice to see these up on TOC, and this is lovely work. Nice smooth paint work. I have one knight (it was my first semi-titan) but I've seriously been considering stripping and redoing her as part of a Mortis-indentured banner. Too many projects right now!

    Oh and I have to say - the NAMES for these knights are AWESOME. I dunno, if I was on the opposing side I think I'd rather not know that one of my enemies was titled the Mourning Orphan or that another evoked the coin of the Boatman. Especially were I a simple guardsman I think that would be pants-crappingly terrifying to me for some reason.

  3. These are wonderful! I found this article looking for info on House Morbidia -where did you get the colour scheme for these from?

  4. Absolutely fantastic! Love the use of alternative heads and the names... I agree with Dan - terrifying! Great work :)