Monday, 17 April 2017

Tech Priest Giveaway Results

In March, we promised to do a giveaway of a Titan Tech Priest when we hit 150 Titans.  Princeps, you have hit that mark.  As of today, we have 150 Titans officially enrolled on the blog, with 9 more to be added in the coming days.  We received a lot of Titan submissions after the announcement and exceeded the 150 mark quickly.  All 159 Titans were added to this contest in order to not leave out those that had submitted Titans but are still in waiting in our queues.  How did we arrive at this process, and who won the Tech Priest?

All 159 Titans were taken from the database and copied into an Excel file.  Using this file, a random number generator field was added assigning each Titan a unique value between 0 to 1 with no duplicates allowed.  From there, all that had to be done was to sort the numbers in descending order and that was the order of the potential winner, with the first to accept the Tech Priest receiving it.

Titan Owners Club is pleased to award Rob, owner of MWH1744, Fury of Ultramar, (to be posted Wednesday) the Titan Tech Priest.  We've already gotten in touch with him and the model is already on its way to a new home.

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