Sunday, 28 May 2017

Behind the Scenes- Where's My Titan!?

Once more, Titan Owners Club ownership and staff are pulling back the curtain and leading you down the rabbit hole.

Our behind the scenes look for you guys is actually addressing two VERY common questions of late and also for to explain a minor glitch we've all been having of late, though Shadow's email seems to be the most prone to this.  So, without further ado, 'ere we go (yes, I went there- Shadow):

The first question to address is about a Facebook page that's floating around.  Yes, there is a Facebook group called Titan Owners Club, and we are getting asked about this with increasing frequency.  We'd like to state that they are not run by us and we are not run by them. We are two separate entities which run parallel with one another and share many members.  We at Titan Owners Club, the web page, are passionate about databasing and collecting information about official Engines produced by Forge World. We are fascinated to know about, and log the status of, these Engines, the ownership of them, their are locations around the world, and more besides.

The glitch we mentioned will get into our second question.  For some stupid reason, on occasion your emails are not reaching us.  And we don't mean they end up in our junk/spam boxes.  They don't reach us at all!  We don't know why this is happening, but it does.  We promise you we aren't trying to ignore you.  If you cannot reach one of us like you're intending to or it seems like it's been forever and we haven't responded, please try another of us, or use another member to contact us.  Sometimes we are busy, but of late when we accidentally "ignore" you it's because our email decided to be a jerk.  Sometimes it's a matter of our email not being entered correctly and all you need to do is check and resend.  When it's correct though and you haven't gotten a response, then that evil glitch has most likely struck again.

The glitch, on occasion, causes this next question, as well as the fact our posting schedule isn't exactly put out there as public knowledge.  Where's my Titan?  Why hasn't my Titan been put up yet?  Unless you're one of the unlucky few caught by the glitch (and mercifully it is VERY rare), your Titan is actually in what we call a "healthy backlog" here at TOC.  Yes, we can post everything now, a Titan a day.  But, if we do that, you don't have a reason to come back and enjoy things.  Your fellow Princeps won't have time to keep pace with the updates and their work will either feel rushed or you won't get regular updates.  We post every other day, except when a rare gem comes along (like Warhammer Fest yesterday), so that you always have a reason to visit us, new wonders to see every time you come.  If our backlog gets really slammed, then we start posting more frequently.  This system provides us with a long line of content while we continue to build future content.  It's just a matter of patience.  And the good news is that your Titan or its update is in a first come, first serve order.  So once you're in the queue, you're in the queue.

We hope that helps answer a few questions you guys might have.  Also, a special BtS treat from Shadow, not only is he doing a ton of literature reviews for TOC right now, soon he'll be looking for more "victims" for the interview chair.

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