Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Titan Literature Review- Manifold Destiny


Story: Manifold Destiny

Format: Short story, exclusive to Warlord limited edition

Length: 14 pages

The Plot:  Ferrum Salvator has a new Princeps in Krezoc, but it was never intended to be her that guided the venerable Warlord.  As she reflects, she remembers her first bonding with a Titan, Ferrum Salvator itself.  She remembers how her first bond with a Titan turns from training mission to outright war, but is there something more she thinks of?

Titan Focus: Manifold Destiny is less about Titan war (indeed, there is only a brief Titan vs Titan fight) and more about expanding upon the culture of the Pallidus Mor Legio beyond what was shown to the readers in Warlord as well as to give a brief glimpse not of how the Princeps interacts with the Titan and the Manifold, but a Moderati.

Manifold Destiny shares how a Moderati feels when bonding with the Titan as well as how training goes from being fresh out of the Collegia Titanica.  In addition, the story shows how seniority typically plays a role in the selection of Titan crews but just how much control the Princeps has over the final makeup of those who will serve with them.

Score: 3/5 Cogs

Final Thoughts: Manifold Destiny is a very short read that gives us only the briefest of glimpses into another aspect of the god-engines that we so love.  But this short read is good for expanding the lore of an up and coming Titan Legio and gives us a glimpse into the bonding process of a Moderati to the god-engines.  

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