Friday, 2 June 2017

Update Warlord Titan No.326- Avatar Belli, 2-6-17

Paolo keeps knocking out a lot of progress on his Warlord and had some new images to show us:


Masking off the areas for a good, smooth look.

The man himself poses with his growing Titan.

Sharp detail, beautiful gold work.

The armor panels begin to make their way on to the war machine.


  1. Love the gold trim and beautiful neat airbrush work

  2. Agreed, beautiful airbrush work, the colors are so vibrant and pop right off the model. Love it.

  3. HI there,

    Amazing work. Can i ask how you go about masking? as its a real sticking point for me. I use tape and liquid mask, but i always manage to miss a bit no matter how hard i try.


    John Hext

    1. Hi John,
      I use tape and blue tack instead of liquid mask. I found really hard to me to remove it (vallejo one, didn't tried with others brand). The downside of blue tack is that you have to actually "sculpt" it on the recesses. the good part is that it can fill any hole and can follow any line. Usually I use the tape on the flat and regular surfaces, thank I switch on the blue tack as soon as I reach more complicated parts. In the first picture you can see how far I go with tape.

      I hope it is an helpful answer for you.

      Have a great time with your titan!

    2. HI there,

      Thanks for the reply, i have been playing with blue tac. Guess i'd better try some more.

      looking forward to seeing your titan finished, looks amazing.

    3. Thank you very much, I'll do my best!

  4. Beautiful work as usual. So smooth man. It's a pleasure to see these updates!

    1. thank you very much, I appreciate.