Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Update Reaver Titan No.1915- Rex Submersi, 2-5-17

Dan continues to work on his Titans and the forces that fight alongside them.  He even had some pictures to give us:

"Hey, here are some pics of the full maniple including their Secutarii.  Oh how I wish the Ordinatus came with a certificate!  I'll sneak it into an update pic somewhere down the line (probably finish off the weapon / kill banner for the laser blaster and hide the Ulator in the background somewhere:))

There's a couple of unfinished WIP  magos here as well.  I have my dominus all finished, and I'm working on Cawl, Drakavac and my Lacrymera (the floaty magos who is a conversion from a fantasy wraith kit).

Man I'm psyched!"


A lovely family photo.

Rex Submersi awaits to find all others wanting.

Sussuri Mortem and the Secutarii are ready to fight.

The hoplite alpha is ready to lead the charge.

While the peltasts are preparing to make the long-range kill.

Lovely work- TOC

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