Thursday, 4 May 2017

Titan Literature Review- Titan

An iconic graphic novel was reborn in 2017 for March of the Titans and the cross-hairs are on it as Titan takes the stage in the next literature review.


Story: Titan

Format: Graphic Novel

Length: Varies (Dependent upon release format and year)


The Plot:  On a war-torn battlefield strides Imperius Dictatio, a venerable Warlord Titan of the Imperium.  In the capable hands of its venerable Princeps, Macabee, none can defeat her.  But what happens when the aged commander dies and the Cadet Princeps, on his very first day of shadowing Macabee, is thrust into the Manifold? 

Titan follows the story of Ervin Hekate, Cadet Princeps of his Legio and eventual heart of Imperius Dictatio.  We see Hekate as he goes from a greenhorn to a full Princeps.  The young commander of the Titan is joined by Moderati Voss, Tactical Officer Nallen, and Engineer Dorn as the crew adapt to their new commander and the Princeps to his new Titan.

Full of action and intrigue, the crew of Dictatio battle Orks, Tyranids, Eldar, the forces of Chaos, and even their own.  Titans of all stripes fall, weapons of unbelievable power are unleashed, and the intoxication of the battlefield gods is felt in the heat of battle and the intense pain of separation. 

Covered through several story arcs the tale of Imperius Dictatio is told alongside that of Macabee’s ghost within the Titan and Hekate as he learns that war is far more complex than trading blows or simply following orders.

Titan Focus: This is a set of old comic books compiled into one very massive graphic novel for the 2017 release and stays faithful to the original Titan release.  Titan focuses on two aspects while keeping true to a very Titan-centric story in so many ways.  The first focus is the raw power and god-like status of the Titans themselves.  Long-established lore of the Titans either started in this series or was heavily reinforced with it.  Crafted by the superlative Dan Abnett this series ensures continuity of the most core aspects of Titans.  This also serves as one of the most definitive literary sources for how the Titans of the Legios operate and gives scale to the god-engines.  Furthermore, the series features Phantom Titans and Ork Gargants.  Titans define the stories in a way seen only in Titanicus.

The second focus is the human element that gives any Titan its brain and ability to function. This focus comes to the fore in the story, but shows to serve just how little a Titan can do without the organic element at its heart.  Titan shows the effects that the Titan has on the human mind and just how much the Titan needs the human mind in order to function.  God-engine and human share a relationship that is impossible to define but easy to see playing out.  This focus brings to light that the Titans in the story are never the ultimate power without something to guide them, but just how easily humanity can be held in the grip of ultimate power.

Score: 5/5 Cogs

Final Thoughts: Titan is a defining piece of work in the Warhammer 40,000 lore.  It gives life to the operation of a Titan, the bond between human and machine, and the sheer scale of these battlefield gods as they stride across the galaxy.  Human fear is replaced by machine fury, pain passed from metal skin to flesh and blood, and more besides as we watch the pairing of Hekate and Imperius Dictatio and the growth of its Princeps as a tactician and pilot.  All of these things are brought to life in images and a story that are captivating and a thrill to read.

Let us know what you think of the story premise in the comments below.  If there are any particular Titan stories you'd like to have reviewed, feel free to tell us.


  1. Shame the cover art Warlord has some scaling issues, have you seen that work hatch access and ladder on the gun? More scaled to be an Imperator? Looking forward to reading this one, thanks for the review

    1. The cover art is fairly old compared to the release of the Warlord model and GW rescaling several things, and then as it is the Knights and Titans aren't to their truest scale either. I could see where the issues comes from.

      And I'm glad that review was beneficial. I read over the comments to see where I can change things up for TLRs and what you guys are interested in seeing next. Are there any books/audios/etc. you'd like to see done? Warlord: Fury of the God Machine and Manifold Destiny have reviews pending, Honour to the Dead and Titanicus are on the list.

  2. Awesome review. I really need to get onto this one. It is something I have wanted to read for a while now.