Saturday, 27 May 2017

Warhammer Fest 2017- Adeptus Titanicus Concept Images

Some concept images for Adeptus Titanicus rolls on at Warhammer Fest today with Drake snapping some quick pictures for us.

One thing reported is that:

"Imperial Knights are Cataphractii sized. Marine is about 8mm."

A lot of work has gone into banner looks and shapes.

Posing of legs has also been heavily thought out.

Warhounds will definitely not be a forgotten aspect of the game.

New Legio schemes also seem to be on the way soon.


  1. Very exciting stuff. Really looking forward to this game coming out.

    1. As a person who never got to do the original AT I'm very excited about it. Good to see that while it's been postponed that they haven't let it sit on the shelf gathering dust.

  2. What Titan Legions are those? They don't look like any that have been shown before.

    1. Imperial Hunters (white, red and green scales)
      Legio Krytos (green and white)
      Legio Mortis - last picture

      That red titan with skeletal banners is a complete mystery for me.

  3. I'm so psyched for this. Seeing this makes me jealous of those of you able to attend. Thank you so much for getting this onto back to us!

  4. Can I ask about the red titan with skeletal banners, was the trim on that titan a metallic, or where they bone?