Friday, 8 September 2017

Warlord Leg Build- Phase I

Today we're releasing the build tutorial on the Warlord legs early at the request of one of the TOC members.  Phase I of the Mars Pattern Warlord legs is now yours to enjoy.

This tutorial assumes that you've already cleaned the release agent from the parts as well as removed the gates and flash.  

Materials Needed:

  • Super glue
  • JB Weld
  • Q-tips
  • Hand drill or Dremel tool with drill bits
  • Drill
  • 1" screws

Step 1: Use the Dremel to create pin holes for metal rod or tubing (of your size choice) to connect the waist and the hips.  If you are planning to have some pinning material connect the thighs to the hip, don't make these particular pins too long.  Use JB Weld to connect these parts as this is one of the most critical load bearing joints of the Warlord.


Step 2: Follow the same process for the Titan's knees and set aside the piston rings for the hips.  Do not glue these rings to the Titan.

Step 3: Glue the leg armor pins into place on the completed knee assembly.  Super glue could be used here (and helps to get a quick set), but JB Weld is also acceptable.

Step 4:  Drill holes and pin the toes to the feet of the Warlord.  Use JB Weld at these joints if desired or the pose makes it necessary.  If the feet are to be flat to the ground, super glue is acceptable as the foot pad takes the vast bulk of the Titan's weight.

Step 5: Drill pilot holes into the bottom of the foot pad if you plan to use screws for structural stability at the ankle.  Pilot holes can also be drilled at the knee and thigh.  You then attach the knee and the thigh together using JB Weld and a 1" long screw that has the threads coated in JB Weld as well.  This allows you an extremely powerful "pin" as well as increased JB Weld surface for bonding.  While screwing the parts together, the angles of the parts can also be adjusted early on.  Use flat headed screws so that they will sit flush.  Cracked resin can be scraped away and repaired with green stuff and the screw head can be hidden as well.

This completes Phase I of the Warlord Titan's leg build.


  1. very good guys, I almost done the same :D

  2. Awesome tutorial! Wish I had had this when I started mine. Would have made things a lot easier!

  3. I have to say I had more trouble with those stupid little pegs that hold the lower leg armour on than any other part of the Warlord. I put a bunch of magnets in mine though, so I'm sure that didn't help lol. Awesome tutorial man!