Sunday, 10 September 2017

Warlord Titan No.485- Vigilant Guardian, Legio Vigilant

Certificate Number: 485
Titan Name: Vigilant Guardian
Pattern: Mars Pattern Warlord
Head Unit: Lucius-Alpha
Primary Armament: Double Belicosa pattern volcano cannons and two turbo laser destroyers 
Princeps: Percival Mengsk
Titan Legio: Legio Vigilant, Watchers of the North
Battle Maniple Composition: MRT1980

Owner: Garrette G.
Location: Georgia, USA
Comments: The Lightbringer was laid low in battle against traitor titans and the engine has been claimed by allies to keep the legacy alive.

To represent such a drastic change, it needed to don new colors befitting it's new home. Included in the email is a few photos documenting the engine's change of colors as well as some of the painting process.

Henceforth, the Titan is pledged to the 1st Legion, known as the Dark Angels. They have supplied it with a Forgeworld in the Northern Segmentum after the Mechanicum detachment aided in the final ending of the Rangdan Xenocides. The Lightbringer fell in the abyssal conflict, and was resurrected from the corpse world of [Redacted]. Close ties to the mechanicum and the Collegia Titanicus from the outset of the Great Crusade gave the Dark Angels the necessary political capital to request the newly raised Warlord to fight alongside them in the wars to come.

The Titan's new name is the Vigilant Guardian. The  Legio Praesidium was destroyed to the last during the Xenocides. The Dark Angels donated material and munitions to the newly formed Watchers of the North, or Legio Vigilant. Their task is to fight alongside the 1st Legion and to protect the Northern Segmentum alongside the 1st Legion. 



A very well done pose.  Just the decals left.

Nice base.


Basing and painting at the same time.

Looking very good against the city board.

Engine up to date as of 24-8-18


A lot of the engine is ready to roll and the paint is all that's left.


  1. Looking mighty fine, getting there.

  2. Looking forward to seeing more! With all those lasers, this engine really is the lightbringer!