Thursday, 5 April 2018

Update Warhound No.4633- Canis Secundus, 05-04-18

Hi all

Congratulations to Clarke for completing his fantastic engine Canis Secundus.

A beautiful Engine of Legio Astorum

The Engine can be equipped to either take on swathes of infantry or as a Super Heavy killer with Turbo Lasers and Plasma Blastgun.

The weathering and dust build up on the legs is fantastic.

The internal detail has been painted very well.

The Princeps at his command station.

Equipped for super heavy death dealing. 

The Plasma Blastgun plasma piping has been shaded layered up very well.

Titan Owners Club


  1. Lovely to see another Legio Astorum Engine! Great job, looks great and nice to see a different armament.

    1. And Drake and Shadow, congrats on mention in Warhammer Community! Hopefully you know, you will hopefully get an influx of Titans!