Friday, 13 December 2019

Titanguard 2019 - The First Wave

The Titanguard Festival is in full swing and Princeps have begun their Walk to the holiday grounds.

"Praetorian" and "Dauntless Wrath" of the Legio Astorum ignite the celebratory bonfires of stacked heretic corpses as their accompanying Knight household wrap their gifts and bake cookies.

Natus est Tempestas watches over the tree fruit.

Canis Bellum stands ready with her Astorum bauble hanging from the barrels.

Sorceress and her Knight guardians ensure that non shall pass and reach the tree early.

Romach Shel Raam celebrates the Festival of Lights.

There's still time to join in if you want, just email or your image with the subject line of "Titanguard Festival- Titan Name"  While we know many of your Titans by look, we cannot always call the names up from memory and we want to make sure you get your chance in the spotlight.  If you have a special caption you'd like use, place it in the body of that email.  And please use the two emails listed above, regardless of which portion of the world you're in.  Those two emails are the specific ones handling Titanguard and sending your emails to the other addresses will result in you missing out by accident (this happened last year, sadly).

All Titanguard Festival entries must be in by 21-12-19 in order to take part, especially since a friend is helping us make the final part of the celebration.

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  1. Love the first GIF, haha, “Peace through superior firepower!”