Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Behind the Scenes - 2019 Year in Review, Shadow is Still Thinking!!

In our Behind the Scenes article series we lift the curtain and show you what goes on for Titan Owners Club in the background.  We let you in on the future, open ourselves up to questions, reveal statistics and plans, and more.  Like in 2018, Shadow is laying out his thoughts again, making this BTS different than the norm.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this article are NOT implied to be the opinions of the entire TOC staff and are the personal thoughts laid out by Shadow.

Once again you're getting my own unfettered thoughts, meaning you'll actually see "I" instead of "we" or "TOC" today in this article.  A lot of times you'll see those words because the staff are close-knit and work together really well.  But it's the end of the year, and I enjoy engaging in this blogging world tradition for the hobby.  I'll also touch on some things for TOC next year that I'm hoping to work on (on a personal level) while also wanting to hear back from you.  So, time to jump in feet first again, right?  Props to you if you just picked up the Halo: ODST reference by the way.

2019 in Review

Compared to 2018, this was a quiet year.  That's not to say that it wasn't busy or fun.  

It. Was. BUSY!.  

We did a lot in the background and we just didn't have the time to share how deep the rabbit hole went.  It took away from being able to do personal things for TOC this year, but it was worth it.  SEVEN events throughout the world, new US Regions, two Titanicus events, the 400 Titan mark, and so much more.

Yeah, I wasn't kidding when I said we were busy.  And we'll still be busy next year.  At the pace we're setting we should hit the Fifth Century mark on Titans as well.

2020- the Future

Go big or go home!  We'll be continuing the Regional and National format in the US.  The UK already has an event on tap that has sold out on tickets.  That was pretty quick. 

This club is continuing its support for both Adeptus Titanicus and the Dominus video game.  Titanicus has become a major force in our national events as well and has proven pretty popular.  

US event attendance increased this year by quite a bit, even though geography continues to be a bit of an issue.  We're still working on it and exploring the options, but overall the plan worked. I'm pleased with the overall improvement and I look forward to solving the challenge of how to go even bigger. 

I'm also really excited to see what the UK does for the 2020 event.  Things have been pretty amazing over across the pond and eventually I'll be out there to take part.  While 2020 probably won't be the year for that (I had a lot of things come up) it's on my to do list before I join the Emperor in respite.

And lastly for 2020, what I personally want to do more of for TOC.  

  • This was NOT the year for me to do extra content again, despite me wanting to.  It's definitely time to get back to extra articles for Titanicus, Dominus, Literature Reviews, and more.  Next year should give me more opportunities to do that since some changes I made on the US side along with Tagg and the Regional Coordinators will free me up.  
  • More interviews!  It's great to show off our membership, and I want to expand that again.  And seriously, I want people from all over the world.  US, UK, Europe, anywhere.  If you're part of the blog and want a chance to be in the "hotseat" let me know and I'll gladly sit with you.
The Wishlist

A time-honored tradition for hobby blogs, the wishlist for next year.  What do I want in our hobby in 2020?  And no, I have no insider knowledge, this really is me just being a hopeful idiot.

  1. A rework on the Titan rules in Warhammer 40,000.  They still feel so squishy.  They are so comparatively durable in Horus Heresy, Apocalypse, and Adeptus Titanicus.  I'd love to have that back in 40k.
  2. The Warbringer in Adeptus Titanicus
  3. New weapon options for the Warhound?  A guy can dream.  Ursus Claws!!!  :)
  4. A complete update of the Reaver Titan.  She's old and could use it.
  5. The return of the Lucius Warhound, be it plastic or resin.  Lucies are too awesome to be gone.
  6. Releasing the missing weapons for the Reaver and Warlord Titans.
  7. Mori. Quake. CANNON!  I have had that money tucked away for months since they first showed it off and I'm ready.  Shadow wants big boom!

That's everything I have for you.  Long-winded...again, and I apologize.  Here's where I shut up and let you guys tell me what you think.  Hit up the comments if you feel up to it, or drop me an email.  I'm always glad to hear from you guys, especially since I've made so many friends through TOC over the years.


  1. I’m with you on the need for 28mm scale weapon options, I want to have a quadruple Gatling Blaster Warlord!

    1. When the carapace VMBs come out then you can get the ultimate Dakka-lord going on.

  2. 1. Void Shields and the Macro rule are both currently trash. Voids ought to be converted into a regenerable wound pool you have to shoot through to start doing damage, with void shield generators each giving you a dice for regen and being lost by damage steps.
    2. Agreed. Preferably with a sonic cannon and plasma artillery option.
    3. I'd like to see the VMB and Plasma redone so they are ambidexterous, unlike the current ones.
    4. Reaver is in decent shape, though the toes are a pain. It would be nice to get some alternate head options like the AT plastic kit. The Mars Warhound really could use a remaster though.
    5. Lucy Warlord is a classic. They need to make the 3 Lucy patterns for AT at the minimum.
    7. Agreed. At least the gatling just came out.
    8. I'm more excited by the thought of the lascutter.

    1. The macro gatling made me laugh. Day after I post my thoughts and they drop one of the Warlord weapons. Still bummed it isn't my Mori. Shadow wants big boom. That said, glad we got some. And thank you for giving us your own thoughts too. Very glad to see y'all chiming in and would love to know what y'all wanna see or wish for.